Teach 25 important behaviors to the child

Start with the basic tips and principles of behavior to educate and teach your child properly. Teaching a child is very important in educating and forming your child’s individual and social personality, and its effects will be visible in the future.



25 important behaviors that children should learn

Teaching a child is not that difficult. They are like parrots in learning speech and act like cameras in learning behavior, so you need to be more careful in training your child.

Your child’s rude behavior is not always intentional. Sometimes children do not realize that it is rude to jump in the middle of other people’s words, touch their noses or talk loudly about other people’s faults in the street. And parents with this busy life today do not always have the opportunity to spend enough time learning these issues. But if you reinforce these 25 important behaviors in your child, you will turn him into a very polite, kind and well-mannered child.

Behaviors to teach our child:
25 important behaviors that your child should learn to be polite in their speech and actions include:
Behavior 1: When you ask someone for something, say “please”.
Behavior 2: When you take something from someone, say, “Thank you.”
Behavior 3: Never jump into adult conversations unless your work is very important. Be sure that when they have finished talking, they will notice you and give you the answer.

Behavior 4: If you need to get someone’s attention right away, use the phrase “I apologize” and do the rest of the talking behind it.

Behavior 5: If you are hesitant to do something, get permission first. This will make you not regret it later.
Behavior 6: It does not matter to others what you do not like. Keep your negative comments to yourself or just share them with your friends.

Behavior 7: Never comment on the appearance of others except to admire them.

Behavior 8: When someone asks you how you are, answer and you ask how they are.

Behavior 9: When you are at your friend’s house, remember to thank his parents when he leaves.


Behavior 10: When you want to enter a room that is closed, first knock on the door and wait for someone to let you in before you open the door and enter the room.
Behavior 11: When you call somewhere, be sure to introduce yourself first and then ask to talk to the person you want.
Behavior 12: When someone gives you a gift, be sure to thank them. You can even do this with a thank you email.
Behavior 13: Never use ugly words in front of adults. Adults know all these words and it does not appeal to them at all.
Behavior 14: Never swear at anyone.

Behavior 15: Do not make fun of anyone for any reason. It shows others that you are a weak person.


Useful behaviors for children

Behavior 16: Even if you find the game or group boring, sit still and pretend to be interested.

Behavior 17: If you encounter someone while walking, apologize immediately.

Behavior 18: Keep your mouth open when sneezing or coughing, and never clean your nose in public.

Behavior 19: When you want to go through a door, look.

Behavior 20: If you see your parents, teacher, or neighbor doing something, ask them if you can help them. If the answer is yes, do it because you may learn something new.

Behavior 21: If an older person wants you to do something, do it without grumbling and with a smile.

Behavior 22: When someone helps you. Thank him. This will make the person want to help you again.

Behavior 23: Use the right utensils. If you do not know this well, ask your parents to teach you or look at them and learn.


Behavior 24: When eating, put a handkerchief on your feet and use it to clean around your mouth if necessary.

Behavior 25: Do not bend over to pick something up from the dining table, ask others to give it to you.


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