Take respect for the child’s sense of ownership seriously

Take respect for the child’s sense of ownership seriously

Parents must respect the child’s sense of ownership. Without his permission, they should not give his belongings to anyone else and value him.


The importance of teaching a child a sense of ownership

As parents, we must respect our child’s sense of ownership, value him or her and his or her behavior, and never give his or her belongings to anyone without his or her permission.


Respect for the child’s sense of ownership helps him learn and teach this behavior.
“Some parents expect more of their child than they can handle, and they want to learn social skills ahead of time, including expecting them to share toys with their peers,” said a general psychologist and counselor.

He explained: “Children’s views are different from adults, for example, asking him to give his toy to others, as if you asked him to give the toy to him forever because the sense of ownership means something else to him.”


child's sense of ownership

Take children’s sense of ownership seriously

Parents should respect their child’s property rights and not give his or her belongings to others without permission, and of course never force their child to do so.

The psychologist and counselor : understand and learn the value of ownership when the child is allowed to keep what belongs to him or her and does not have to share it with others. Do not take a device that does not belong to him without permission.

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