Disadvantages of tablets and mobile phones for children

The harms of the tablet for children are serious! You buy a tablet for your child and when he is entertained, you say that this technology is good, my child sat quietly for hours, unaware of what harm this gift will do to your child.



Disadvantages of tablets and mobile phones for children

The harms of tablets and mobile phones for children, in addition to causing poor eyesight, can also lead to neurological problems. Your child at this age should engage in healthy physical and mental activities to sit together and walk in the unreal world.

The reason for the children’s silence is none of these issues. They should be a little noisy and active due to their age. But really, why are they sitting still? Electronic devices such as phones and  tablets  that are now in the hands of every child.

It is true that these devices can be used in entertainment and education, but there are other aspects to consider. If parents allow their children too much to work with phones and  tablets  , they will distance themselves from the real world.

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Consequences of constantly looking at the screen

Staring at the screen
itself may not be a major issue. Because  children get used to TV before their phones and  tablets . So the screen of the phone and  tablet is  not strange. The problem is when to use it. The American Society of Pediatricians says children under the age of two should not look at any screens. But almost 90% of children watch TV regularly before the age of two. TV viewing time also gradually increases.

You do not need to go far to see the effect of this destructive practice; Just look at today’s teens! Today’s teens can’t build good relationships in the real world. Instead of talking to their friends in person, they are talking on their personal phone, which is often unnecessary.

High production statistics
Today, almost all houses can be TV, phone,  tablet,  laptop or combination of them can be seen. So the child can easily choose between the many options available, because each side that turns its head can see an electronic device with a display. Manufacturing factories have also made it easier for children to work. They have developed devices tailored to children’s interests to make more profit.

E-learning and games are not at all suitable for young children

  What will happen to the children?
It is better not to go to the margins anymore. E-learning and games are not at all suitable for young children. In fact, it can be said that children do not learn anything when working with electronic devices. Instead, they learn more by playing, reading, and listening. Children need to be socialized at an early age, and they do this by imitating their parents’ behavior. But if they are constantly  staring at their phone and  tablet , there is no time left to learn.

In addition, the neck vertebrae, verbal ability, social enthusiasm, concentration and emotional relationships of children are damaged. Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. So, the next time you want to give your child a phone or tablet to silence him,   be sure to think about the consequences; You may need to reconsider your decision.

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