Stuttering and its treatment

Stuttering and its treatment as one of the serious problems of children, especially when it comes to speaking and communicating with others, should be taken seriously so that the child does not become frustrated and lose his self-confidence in the future and in adulthood.



From the cause to the treatment of stuttering

Recognizing and treating children’s problems, especially in speech and language, must be done properly and seriously so that the child does not become frustrated in the future and in adulthood and does not lose his self-confidence . In this section, we will deal with the problem of stuttering

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a communication disorder that affects more than 50 million people worldwide and is almost four times more common in males than in females.

What are the symptoms of stuttering?

Difficulty pronouncing words and making sounds

Interruptions in the production of sounds or syllables

Repeat sounds or syllables

Say and say words with great effort

Saying broken words and sometimes breaking words

Saying sounds like ohmmm in his speeches


Stuttering and its causes


 What causes stuttering?

Children’s stuttering is more of a mental and neurological disorder than an inherited one. Stuttering is a short-term or sometimes long-term complication that occurs as a result of the child being in a stressful and inappropriate situation. Another issue that has been raised about the cause of stuttering since ancient times is emotional and psychological problems.

Stuttering may be due to abnormal speech-related processing parts in the brain. Almost the first neurophysiological model for stuttering was proposed in 1928 by Everton and Travis, and has since been researched in various forms, and their results have been used for accurate diagnosis and appropriate endodontic treatment. In fact, it indicates that functional disorders of the brain prevent the proper and proper coordination of the components of the speech system.

Treatment of stuttering

In the treatment of a child’s stuttering, the first point is to treat the child sincerely, calmly and normally. Compassion is not good for him at all! By doing so, you have damaged his self-confidence.

Do not imitate the way the child speaks because it will have a very bad effect on the outcome of the treatment.

In the treatment of stuttering, teach your child to count and practice, and teach him or her to learn how to breathe properly, because children with stuttering have difficulty breathing while speaking.

A child psychologist in Europe who works extensively in the field of stuttering considers the mirror to be one of the best tools for treatment because the child has completely lost his way of speaking.

Allow the child to speak on their own in the exercises and encourage them to participate in group activities. Be diligent during the treatment period and do not get tired quickly and continue the treatment continuously to get better results.

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