Strengthen children’s fingers with play

Strengthening the fingers of children at different ages is one of his needs for the growth and development of the strength of his hands. Simple games and using your fingers to eat or cut scissors can be the beginning of this path.



Childish games to strengthen the fingers

As children get older, they have the ability to put a spoon in their mouth, pick up small objects, draw, and hold a pen, but not all children acquire these skills on their own. If your child has weakness in the fingers or hand-eye coordination, the following games and exercises can help:

Making handicrafts strengthens the fingers

Crafts not only strengthen the skill of working with the fingers and the coordination of eyes and hands but also flourish the creativity of the child. Invite the child to play and in the meantime, get help from different tools with different textures such as paper, fabric, cotton, leaves, wood, etc. You can even combine different techniques and use crumpled paper or collage.


children's fingers

The effect of finger games on strengthening children’s fingers


Let the child learn to work with scissors. At first, the child can only cut straight lines, but over time he learns to draw geometric shapes, and this not only helps to increase his creativity but also strengthens his fine finger skills and eye-hand coordination. . Ask your child to draw a line on the paper with his or her hand and then cut it out with scissors.

 Drawing with large pens to strengthen the child’s fingers

Some crayons and magic are thicker than ordinary types. Use these types of pens if your child has difficulty grasping them. Then gradually reduce the size of the pencils and finally use the usual types of wood.



Buy different beads and pearls in different sizes and ask the child to thread them and make bracelets or necklaces for family members. You can even use some foods such as pasta for this purpose.


Counting by hand

Ask the child to count to 5 with his or her fingers or point a coin off the table with his or her thumb and forefinger. You can ask him to touch the table with 2 regular fingers. For example, first with the thumb and forefinger, then with the middle thumb and finger, and so on. You can ask the child to wrap the yarn around one finger, then around 2 fingers, then 3 fingers, and finally around the wrist.


Strengthen children’s fingers with house building game

Buy logos of different sizes for your child and let them have fun with them.

Eating by hand

You may not believe it, but eating with your hands and taking food into your mouth, and digging it out with your teeth all help to strengthen children’s finger muscles. By age 4, your child should be able to cut raw materials with a knife. This helps to coordinate his eyes and hands, so if he is not able to do this, practice with him.

Open the bottle

All children are interested in this work. Give the child bottles of different sizes and let him strengthen his fingertips by opening them.

 children's fingers

Strengthen children’s fingers with play dough

Play Dough

Give your child dough, clay, or even bread dough, and let him or her make simpler shapes like balls and snakes first, and then more complex, two-dimensional shapes.

 Painting strengthens the child’s fingers

Painting by hand, brush, or sponge is a good exercise for children’s fingers. Try to give the child different tools and introduce him to a variety of techniques such as watercolors, gouache, crayons, crayons, and ….

 to dress

Give the child a chance to learn to dress alone. Start by wearing socks, shoes, pants, and clothes, and gradually teach the child to button and pull the zipper and fasten the shoelace.

 Water play

Water play is a good exercise to strengthen children’s fingers and can also affect the coordination of the child’s eyes and hands. In the bath, give the child containers to pour water into and from one container to another. Give her dolls to bathe and wash

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