Should I buy a tablet for my child or not?

These days, most children of all ages have a tablet, but do children need a tablet? The tablet causes children to disconnect from the world around them.



 The reason why all child are interested in tablets

One of the hobbies that children have these days is playing computer games and having a tablet.

One of the hobbies that have involved children these days is computer games and having tablets, Xbox, PlayStation, and other computer games. Playing with such devices takes hours and disconnects the child from the world around him, and the child becomes so engrossed in the game that he does not feel the passage of time.

Do children need a tablet?

First, parents are happy that their child is able to use technology-related devices, and consider this as an indicator of their child’s intelligence, while early use of technology by children can have consequences that It is irreparable.

The age of using the tablet depends on the child’s growth environment, and usually, from the age of three, the child can use these devices. Some parents, because they are busy or do not have enough time, use the tablet to avoid a vacuum, and in fact, they have replaced the tablet with real activities. In today’s society, it is not possible to forbid a child from having a tablet, but parents can turn the permission to use it into a prize and allow their child to play for a period of one to a maximum of two hours.

Choosing the type of games is also very important and you should use educational and age-appropriate games. Also, when we take the tablet from the child, we should consider attractive alternative games for him.

Excessive use has the following consequences:
First of all, instead of being active, the child becomes involved in these games, and his physical activity decreases. When children play with devices such as tablets, they become inactive, resulting in poor coordination between the limbs and sensory and motor problems.

Another problem with tablets is the false valuation; That is, children get excited and feel superior because of this technology.

– Children who play too much with the tablet decrease concentration and in the future will face concentration problems in the field of education.

Decreased children’s self-confidence is another disadvantage of using a tablet. The child must be able to master the toy and constantly win in order to feel empowered and increase self-confidence; This does not happen in tablet and mobile games and children fail repeatedly, resulting in self-confidence. They come down and of course, it should be noted that the choice of type of games should be such that the child wins.

– These children also have difficulty in communicating and social skills with their peers because they will be busier with tablets and mobile phones and their communication with others will be cut off and their dating will be weakened.

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