Should children’s paintings always be admired?

Drawing children is a sign of their growth. All children’s paintings are beautiful, although one child’s painting may be harmonious and the other careless.

Some common parental questions about children’s drawings

Psychologists have researched children in a variety of ways, one of the most important of which is the analysis of children’s drawings. Painting can be a step-by-step process that categorizes and presents the child around him / her and evolves an evolved process from simple line drawing to meaningful lines based on the rules of perspective and logical foundation.

It meant like a dream. Drawing like a dream gives the child the opportunity to separate the information and actions he acquires from the outside world and then rearrange them

Psychologists advise you to always encourage your child by saying what a beautiful painting, but do not lie to him because children can notice inappropriate encouragement.

Be honest about your choice of colors and the location of people and objects, and tell him that he can paint better.

Should children’s paintings be kept?

When a child draws a picture and gives it to you, it means that he has given you a gift that he has worked hard for. So do not throw away his gift or at least do it right away. Usually, children enjoy watching their paintings from a year or two ago, and this encourages them to continue working and improving their art.

Can children’s paintings be criticized?

Paintings are instantaneous productions. For this reason, their interpretation is useless by adults whose views have changed due to fears and daily projects. The paintings only show the character the child is building. For example, if a child draws two large trees next to two saplings, he may want to draw a family. Our advice to you is not to criticize the drawings, but to ask the child to explain to you what he has drawn and leave the judgment to what he says.

children's paintings

Children’s painting

Is it normal for a child to always draw a picture of something?

Some children are only interested in drawing or drawing trees. This is because they are only thinking about their daily issues or interests. It is not unnatural to repeat a painting. Incidentally, this increases their skills. But if your child is constantly painting black and white images and these drawings are accompanied by other symptoms such as problems at school or at home, you should talk to a psychologist about them.

Is it right to manipulate their paintings?

Children’s paintings are usually a little far from the truth. His painting dummy may be 4 fingers and his son may be red. This is because children kill what they know, not what they see. For them, the house always has a sharp triangular roof. Do not try to explain the truth to them. Release their hands to kill what they want. If they agree, you can add flowers or a house to their painting. If you want to show them the truth, they may be painted.

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