Sexual awakening of children and what parents should not do!


The age of sexual arousal in children is several years old

Unfortunately, in today’s society, nudity and civilization are confused with each other, and people turn their children naked and semi-naked in society in order to show themselves civilized. Some of them emphasize the misconception that by doing so, their children’s sexual sensitivity decreases and their child does not react when he sees sexual scenes because his eyes are full.

At the age of 3 to 4, children are the age of sexual awakening and the formation of memories in the minds of children. Also, children between the ages of 5 and 7 are curious about the characteristics of their parents when they are exposed to their naked bodies. In this part of Nanak, we will introduce you to the age of sexual awakening in children and adolescents and provide methods to prevent sexual deviations in children.

Sexual awakening

What do you know about the age of sexual arousal of a child?

Age of sexual arousal in the child

During infancy and infancy, the child sees himself as a single being with his mother and does not see himself as separate from her, and he sees himself so close to the mother that when he sucks on the mother’s breast, he feels that he is eating his mother…

Seeing or touching the mother’s breast during infancy triggers sucking responses that can be satisfied by breastfeeding. Seeing a naked parent at the age of three to four awakens and stimulates children’s sexual desire.

Mothers should always be groomed, but should not wear makeup more than twice a week and wear semi-nude clothes. This type of makeup and cover does not cause problems if children are under seven years old because sexual instincts do not occur in children under seven years old.

Instincts develop when entering school, and the mother must take care of her child when she enters school and observes certain things in her cover.

Sexual awakening

When does a child have sexual arousal?

Prevent premature puberty in children and care for adolescents in puberty

Reaching the age of 12 is the beginning of adolescence, as your child enters adolescence, the mother should take more care. If you do not want your child’s puberty to progress, do not cover yourself in front of your son and do not put too much makeup.

So if you have a child over the age of seven, you should postpone and manage your clothing and makeup to your lonely time.

Some mothers think that because their child is a Muharram, they do not observe their cover in front of them, but if your child sees a part of the mother’s body during puberty and adolescence, he is annoyed and suffers from moral deviations, but seeing a part of the mother’s body before It does not cause any problems for the child from school age, but it may keep the child in mind and harass him later.

Sexual awakening

The sexual awakening of the child and its knowledge points

It is true that your child is a Muharram to you, but you should have restrictions on the type of clothing you wear and observe some sexual issues with him in order to maintain the sexual health and maturity of the child.

A mother can provide the means for her child to be ashamed and shy in front of him to reflect a dignified image of herself in the mirror of the child’s mind.

Children carefully imitate, model, articulate, and record their parents’ behavior in their curious and Norse minds. Before the age of six, coverage is somewhat open for parents in front of the child.

Sexual awakening

Child sexual awakening and children imitating parents

At the age of six to twelve, the child records the images and cover of his mother in his mind and does not cause moral deviance. Wearing half-naked and open clothes, tight, thin and body-shaped parents with a child entering the age of twelve and puberty has a devastating effect on him and bothers him.

Parents should teach their children how to enter their parents’ room before reaching the age of puberty after obtaining permission, and they should not wear provocative clothes at home.

Other things that can irritate teenagers are looking at movies, songs, and illegitimate sounds. Parents should take care of their child from birth to adolescence with behaviors such as covering the baby’s face during intercourse and maintaining the shame of the child at the age of one.

The fetus is very sensitive to music and is alert in infancy. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to think of measures to separate the baby’s bed because they are sensitive to sound and have a great, divine, and faithful spirit, and separate the desirable from the undesirable.

Sexual awakening

Awakening of the child sexually and separating their sleeping place from the parent

Consider the following tips about children’s sexual awakening

Observance of sexual ethics in the family plays an important role in children’s sexual health. Parents should avoid the following behaviors in the presence of their children for the sake of their sexual health:

Avoid watching pornographic and sexually explicit videos in front of children.

Avoid provocative dances that show flirting and sex.

Avoid nasty jokes, gestures, gestures, sexual insults, touching and hugging each other sexually.

Sexual awakening

Everything about how to treat a child at the age of sexual awakening

Awakening of the child and prevention of premature puberty

In the presence of children, refrain from caressing, kissing, and flirting with each other.

Do not have sex, jokes, or vulgar sexual insults in front of children.

In front of your child who has just reached puberty, have appropriate coverage so that you can help the normal sexual development of children and prevent moral deviations in adolescence and youth.

Care for children at waking ages should be greater.

Sexual awakening

Necessary care of children in the age of sexual awakening

When do children have sexual arousal?

Children’s clothing

At the age of 3 to 4, children do not like to be naked, and if others see them naked, they feel ashamed and like their body to be secretive.

Parents at this age should strengthen modesty and chastity in their children to reduce sexual recklessness. Parents should not change their clothes and expose their naked bodies in front of another person or another child when their 2 to 3-year-old child realizes his / her gender.

You should tell your children that no one should look at or touch your child’s genitals and that parents are only allowed to look at it in the bathroom until they are 5 or 6 years old, and when changing clothes, and after getting it. Children’s independence in bathing, going to the bathroom, and changing clothes No one, not even parents, should look at or touch their genitals.

Sexual awakening

Sexual awakening and covering children

Key points about the child’s sexual awakening

Do not let your baby sleep naked

Some parents only pay attention to their daughter’s clothing and do not show sensitivity to boys’ nudity in childhood or even adulthood.

This will cause sexual frustration for girls in adulthood. Parents must cover their daughter and son from infancy with only one underwear so that he does not get used to being naked.

Never allow your child to go to bed naked and without clothes, as body and limb contact with the bed can cause sexual arousal.

Sexual awakening

The sexual awakening of the child during sleep

Observe the important points when having a marital relationship and Child sexual awakening

• Some parents neglect their marital relationships due to lack of a separate bedroom, limited space in the house, having many children, and the crowded house and can not provide a safe and peaceful environment for their sexual intercourse.

Some other parents think that their children do not feel, do not understand, do not hear or see, and confuse them with dolls. But you should know that children feel very good, they understand very well, they see everything and they hear and understand sounds very well, and they are neither blind nor blind.

Sometimes they even put their parents to sleep to satisfy their curiosity when having sex. Even two-year-olds can not express what they have seen, but these images remain in their minds, and like a camera and a tape recorder in their minds and imaginations, they record all the sights, images, and sounds around them.

Sexual awakening

The role of parents in the sexual awakening of the child

• Sometimes due to parental exchanges and openness in the bedroom, children witness their parents’ marital relationship and consider it as a form of father violence against the mother and suffer from fear, anxiety, and severe anxiety.

• Having sexual contact with children is the biggest betrayal and crime on the part of parents because it causes the premature awakening of children’s sexual instincts and leads them to moral deviance in the future.

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