Sentences you should never say to your child!

Dealing with the child during Nowruz is very important because children remember everything, it is better to know the important principles of dealing with your child before going to a party or shopping on Nowruz.


Correct treatment of the child during Nowruz

Nowruz with all its beauties is coming little by little and the market for shopping, seeing, and visiting Nowruz is hot. Having a child who is an excuse and makes any excuses during the days of visiting and visiting Nowruz is very exhausting, but the correct treatment of the child can make a good memory of visits and visits for you. Saying some sentences to the child during Nowruz shopping causes destructive effects on the child’s mood.

Family psychologists believe that even one careless sentence can have a very strong negative impact on a child’s mind. This is why it is so important to pay close attention to the sentences you say to your child when interacting with him or her and to avoid saying certain sentences.


Since we are in the last days of the year and every family is busy buying new furniture and moving house, and also during the holidays, we are traveling more than half of our time, we need some constructive suggestions, in Mention these days and days of Nowruz for families who have small children, so that they can more easily deal with their child’s problems and behaviors. Here are some examples of behaviors that should be observed in dealing with the child.

Do not say these sentences to your child on Nowruz

Never tell her, “We have no money to buy this for you.”
If you go shopping with your child for Eid and he insists on buying something, never tell him, “We have no money, we can not buy this” or “You do not need it”.
The best approach is to tell your child how much we can afford, or you can buy this today. By saying positive things while giving your children security, you are also limiting their choices. Saying words like “we can not”, “we do not have money”, “you do not need”, has a lot of negative impacts and has a great impact on the child, and causes insecurity in children.

never say to your child

Saying some sentences to a child has many negative effects on him

Leave your child’s room alone when moving house
About 60% of your child’s toys should be in storage or out of reach of the child. Every once in a while a new series is introduced so that his toys are always new to him. But we fill the child’s room with toys, which makes the child bored, and then we complain, “Why doesn’t this child go to his room and play with his belongings?”

If you are moving house, bring some boxes and make your child’s room more private than before.

Give your child the opportunity to give Eid to others
if you have a child seven years of age or older and you give him / her pocket money; Sometimes let him buy gifts for you, his siblings, or friends from your own pocket money or savings. This has many benefits.

1. The best way is to adjust the child’s sense of ownership so that he can give what he has to others.
2. The child should know that one of the best ways to use his money is to make others happy.
3. Rejoicing in the happiness of others is an art that our child must learn.

So now that we are preparing for the new year, we can suggest to our child to buy a small thing for his friends or his brother’s sister as Eid. He pointed out, we do not need to be a feast of a great buy, even a postcard small can no longer happy

instead of grumbling, transparent, and directly asked to express yourself
when Yddydny you go or when your guests Instead of whining and complaining about your child, state your wishes clearly and directly:

“Did you throw your fruit junk here again?” Can’t you reach out and put it on the plate? How many times can I tell you not to fall when you eat something? I swept today, you are tired, why do not you listen? “What can I do about you?”

When you moan like this, your child will not hear you, including the second ٔ onwards, and will gradually learn not to hear you at all. Make your sentence short, clear, and straightforward.

“Please put your fruit junk on the plate” Does this sentence work a miracle? There is no shortcut to raising children and do not expect miracles, but you will save your relationship and prevent the collapse of your parent-child relationship. By grumbling, only your child will learn not to listen to you or become a creditor and dissatisfied human being.

Do not ask your child to report other children’s mistakes to you
Usually, on Eid al-Adha, younger children gather and have fun playing the crane. In the meantime, several of them may argue or argue. In these cases, teach your child not to report other children’s mistakes to you. Unfortunately, many older people have not yet learned this behavior.

So it is better to teach your child from the beginning that “forgiving” is a noble behavior and if he has a problem with someone, they should solve their problem themselves and not report the work of others to you.
Remember that it is not normal for children to fight at the age of three

Children around the age of two usually tease, bite, or beat each other when they are about two years old. They become very angry with their peers because they have not yet learned to have an equal relationship, and this behavior is normal at this age. But beatings at the age of three or later are not normal and need to be investigated.

Never say to your child, “If you hit, hit
yourself. ” It is not the responsibility of children under the age of three to take care of themselves. They need an adult to be with them so that if a child tries to hit or shake another, the adult can stop him or her without yelling or fighting.

“If you hit, hit you” This sentence will hurt our child a lot. Everything your child has learned will be called into question, and the question arises: So if someone does something wrong, can I repeat it? A child who shakes hands is full of bad feelings about himself and others. In fact, a child who is beaten suffers more than a child who is beaten and feels more negative emotions inside.

Leaving the fight environment is not a sign that your child is timid
Your child should know that when it comes to physical contact, it is best to raise your hand and, if necessary, hold the other person’s hand and say, “Do not hit,” “I will not let you hit me,” or “If you hit me, you will not play with me anymore.” To do ».

By teaching this behavior to your child, you are teaching him that he can set boundaries and defend himself in relation to others. If the other party continues to work, your child should leave the area and just say, “Take it easy, I’ll not play with the person who beats.”

By doing this, you are teaching your child that there will be people in our lives who have behavioral problems, and the wisest response is not to get involved with these people. Leaving the environment is neither a sign of cowardice nor a reason for a person to be rude. It only shows that the person knows the difference between right and wrong.

Do not force your child to kiss others
Forcing a child to kiss or hug someone is not a sign of politeness and respect. In fact, it means that you are forcing the child to treat his body in a way that he does not like, and this is a kind of disrespect to the child’s body.

If you want your child to be able to say no in the future and not be afraid to express their true feelings, you should teach them at an early age. So if you are in a situation where others insist on kissing your child and he does not want to, how should you behave? The first step is to explain to the person in front of you why you do not want to force your child to kiss someone.

In addition, it is good to provide new opportunities for your child so that he is not in an unfavorable situation. For example, you can say: “Would you like to shake hands with your grandfather or hug him?”, “Do you really like to kiss your aunt or do you want to kiss her?” This is what gives him the feeling of security and peace and teaches him the art of saying “no”.

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