Risks that cause harm to the fetus

During pregnancy, which is one of the best events in the life of any mother, important events can occur that harm the fetus. Therefore, knowing the things that can be dangerous for the health of the fetus can help pregnant mothers a lot.



Risk of harm to the fetus

Perhaps no stage of human life is as risky as in the fetal period and beyond, that is, in infancy and childhood. Providing a safe and healthy environment for fetal growth is very important for pregnant mothers.

When a woman becomes pregnant, those around her give a lot of advice for the health of the mother and the fetus and warn her against harmful things. Doctors also advise pregnant women to avoid alcohol, smoking, and unpasteurized dairy products. Because all three have serious consequences for the fetus. In addition, there are other things that can harm the fetus.

harm to the fetus

The fetus in the mother’s womb

Risks that threaten the health of the fetus

1. Air pollution

Research shows that when a pregnant woman spends a lot of time in an infected area, she is more likely to have a lower birth weight baby. Increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables is effective in maintaining the health of the fetus.

2. Consume processed meats

This type of meat is very dangerous for a pregnant woman. Researchers say that this meat contains a bacterium called “Listeria” and can lead to premature birth, infection in the baby, and stillbirth.

3. Vitamin D deficiency

Deficiency of this type of vitamin, which is absorbed through sunlight, is associated with the risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and low birth weight.

4. Use of antidepressant pills

Research shows that most pregnant women prefer to take antidepressants. These pills are dangerous and increase the risk of miscarriage, birth defects, preterm birth, and behavioral problems such as autism.

5. Inhale cigarette smoke

Exposure to secondhand smoke, like maternal smoking, is harmful to the fetus and is associated with asthma and respiratory problems in the fetus.

6. Excessive coffee consumption

Excessive caffeine consumption in coffee has a detrimental effect on the fetus, so there is a lower risk of birth than normal.

7. Being overweight

Recent studies show that being overweight by a pregnant woman will increase the risk of asthma in your baby. If you are overweight, it is better to lose weight to give birth to a healthy baby.

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