Read a book to your child

Read a book to your child

It is never too early to read a book. Do not start reading from the time of pregnancy? Fetuses also recognize the mother’s voice inside the uterus.



When to book reading for children began?

Be sure to start reading to your baby as soon as he or she is born, according to research from the American Institute of Pediatrics. He does not understand the words and their meanings, but he hears your voice and recognizes different sounds. This will develop the child’s listening skills. Reading to a child simultaneously strengthens his vocabulary, illustration, and communication skills. In fact, the sooner you try to talk to your child, the better for him or her. Reading books is another great way to diversify your speech interactions.


Read a book for children

Reading books to a child introduces him to different stories, numbers, colors, and shapes and gives him useful information about the world around him. It also enhances the child’s vocabulary and memory skills. As a result, when she is only one year old, she has learned almost all the sounds and letters she needs to speak in her mother tongue. The more words a child hears, the better he will speak.


Read a book


What books should I read to my baby?

To make the process of reading a book attractive for the baby, try to use it with a different tone and change your voice for different characters in the story. But to know what kind of book to read for your baby, you can use the types of magazines or storybooks that you have been wanting to read for a long time. Also, your baby will enjoy looking at pictures and coloring pages.

Brand, For this reason, try to buy and read children’s cardboard books with large and colorful pictures for them. The most important thing is that the child enjoys the things he loves – your hugs and voice and the book. This teaches him that reading a book is a lovely and important work.


Books suitable for older children
Children are very happy that you take them out. Books with colorful pictures and catchy phrases are their favorite examples. Some children love and choose from books with lots of pictures and others from books with indoor entertainment. Your child may love children’s poetry books. Ordinary paper books are easily torn under the child’s hands and feet. So try to buy cardboard books with thick pages for him.

Reading books to children

Children tend to make some kind of emotional connection with the words that are uttered. Therefore, keep them away from audiobooks and other media such as computers, televisions, and radios as much as possible. Experts recommend that devices such as television and other digital media be suitable for children over the age of two and should not be used before that age.


 Letter training
When reading a book for a child, pay attention to the greatest pleasure in the world, which is sitting in your arms, not learning the alphabet of the language. Paying attention to how words and letters are expressed and trying to teach them to the child destroys the pleasure of reading. When you read a lot to your child, he can recognize the connection between sounds and words when needed. At this time, teaching a child to enjoy reading a book is much more useful and necessary for him than teaching him sounds and the alphabet.

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