Principles of shopping with children, comfortable and hassle-free

Mom, buy me this, my dad, I want this, the repetition of which is your main concern in shopping with children. You want to go shopping with the kids, but their special behaviors prevent this. How to behave in these situations?



Important secrets of shopping with children

When children are shown that their crying will not change your mind, their behavior will improve. But coordination between parents in dealing with the child is an important factor in learning. It will also make it easier for you to take care of a number of issues when taking the baby out. For example:

Never take your children to the store before lunch or dinner. Failure to comply with this principle will cause the child to ask you for any food he sees, and no one can blame him. In such cases, be sure to bring some chocolate or fruit juice with you to raise your child’s blood sugar and reduce his impatience.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some children are not interested in shopping, so if you take them with you to the store to shop, talk to them and make sure they are well.

If you are indoors, take your child’s jacket off. If you are driving, entertain him by reading his poem and tell him a story.

 shopping with children

Important points in shopping with children

Benefits of shopping with children

** Shopping in the store strengthens children’s recall skills. Children as young as two and a half can recognize the goods they have seen advertised on television. Finding products that are advertised is a fun game for children.

** Children can understand the concept of consumption by observing that you choose the goods based on their needs and prices. From the age of three and a half, you can talk to them about saving money.

** If you let children choose between the two products, you will strengthen their choice and decision-making power.

** If you talk to them about the quality of store food, you will teach them to eat healthy and nutritious foods.

** If you tell your child that you can not buy the device he or she requested because it is expensive and you are upset, your child will understand your sincere feelings.

Some children may not be interested in going to the store, so bring their favorite book or toy with you to give to your child if needed.

How can you have a good time with children when shopping?

1. Avoid getting involved with children. Entertaining children is a great way to do this. Give them dolls or play with them a bit.

2. If your child is calm while shopping, hug and kiss him to realize that his good behavior is admired.

3. Make a list of the items you need so that you can pay a little attention to your child when shopping and talk to him. Sometimes we get so caught up in a goal that we forget how important very small attention to our child will be.

4. When you go to the store with your young child, teach him not to run to the store as it may hit the store equipment and cause damage or cause an accident.

5. Some children may not be interested in going to the store, so bring your favorite book or toy with you to give to your child if needed.

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