Preventing sunburn the baby in the summer

Using sunscreen for children is a great solution that you can use against the sun.


Tips for protecting your baby from the sun

The summer season has arrived and those who have just had a baby have new needs and questions for this season; One of these important questions is about protecting your baby from the sun.

Sunlight is just as necessary for the body as it can be if it is severe or exposed to it for a long time, the worst of which is predisposing the skin to skin cancer. For this reason, mothers should not only protect their skin from the sun but also protect their children.

Here are some tips to protect your baby’s skin from the sun, which you can read briefly:

1. Infants should be protected from direct and intense sunlight until 6 months of age. Especially in the hours of the day when the sun is at its strongest, that is, at noon. It is better not to take the child out of the house during these hours and provide maximum conditions so that the sun does not harm your child.
2. For children over 6 months who are exposed to the sun, you should be careful to use appropriate clothing. This means wearing light-colored clothing that prevents direct sunlight on the baby’s skin. Also, using light lace hats with light colors can protect the skin of the baby’s face from the sun.
3. Using sunscreen for children is a great solution that you can use against the sun. For this purpose, it is better to use creams that have physical factors instead of creams that have chemical factors.
4. You can start sunscreen for children from 6 months of age. Of course, this does not mean that you can not use sunscreen on special occasions for a child under 6 months. If you are exposed to the sun for a baby under 6 months, you can also use sunscreen, but note that only in areas of the face where there is a possibility of sunburn; Like cheeks and nose. Also, be careful not to rub the cream into your baby’s eyes.
The sun protection index or SPF of these creams should be at least 15. In fact, most children’s sunscreens have an SPF of 15 and it is less common to use higher levels of SPF in these creams. In fact, using creams with a higher SPF is not necessary at all and does not help to protect the baby’s skin.
5. To use sunscreen for the baby, it is better to first test some of the creams on the baby’s skin to make sure that his body is not sensitive to the ingredients of the cream. To do this, do not apply the cream on the skin of the face and get help from an area such as the baby’s arm
6. The amount of sunscreen used is about 2 mg per square centimeter. In fact, this amount should be such that it covers a relatively thick layer of cream on the skin so that it can act as an insulator.
7. In addition to the child’s face, prominent and at risk of sunburn should not be forgotten. Areas such as on the shoulders, back of the neck, ears, and back of the hands.
8. Sunscreens should be renewed every 2 to 5 hours. This time varies according to different factors in different situations. Factors such as the amount of activity and sweating of the child, the amount of sunshine, the beach area and the pool, etc.

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