Ways to prevent a child from getting bored of exercise

In choosing the right sport and its size for children, parents should consider important points so that their children become more inclined to exercise.



Tips to prevent your child from getting bored of exercise

Children’s exercise not only entertains them but also develops their talents and skills in socializing. Children naturally and naturally are interested in sports, games and mobility, and this play and mobility is necessary for the growth and development of their body tissues.
Children make new friends by exercising, having fun playing, and improving their skills, but exercise is not always fun for children. Sometimes the desire to win erupts so much in children that sometimes it causes stress and even tears in your child.

bored of exercise

Prevent child bored of exercise

Some children are inherently perfectionists and therefore do not tolerate facing situations in which they do not win, but others do not feel that way. Of course, the pressure they experience in relation to sports is more external than internal; This means that the child wants to win a sport because of the pressure of his parents or coach, and in fact to gain their respect and satisfaction, but coping with the pressures of doing a sport will enable the child to face challenges like this in life. He struggles, but sometimes these pressures affect the child’s enjoyment and fun while playing and will not allow him to enjoy a game.
Positive and negative exercise stress
Sometimes the stress of exercise is good and positive for the child. In this situation, the child focuses more on play and his level of awareness increases. Also, the child will still have the motivation and energy to continue his sports activities, but high stress and pressure is considered a kind of negative sports stress that will cause fatigue and waste of energy of the child. In such a situation, the child will be deprived of sports and will not want to do sports activities.
In this case, your child may be arguing with a friend, not doing his homework, or being left out of school, and as a result, all of this is an excuse for not having any energy for an afternoon tennis class. Parents can help their child manage their stress if they diagnose these conditions early.
bored of exercise

Encourage yourself by talking

Use words
Children become interested in sports when they find out that their parents are interested in their sports activities, but parents should be careful not to be so strict in this regard that doing sports is considered a difficult and stressful activity for children. Words have powerful magic that you should be careful to use, especially when you are dissatisfied with your child’s mentor, you should be more careful in using sentences. Even if your child loses a game, show him or her that you fully believe that “the game is just a game.” If you are going to criticize your child’s play, postpone it to a good time and even give your child suggestions that are practical and effective for correcting his exercises.
Teach illustration
Teach your child to imagine winning before playing. This solution will calm him down before the game. Most athletes use this technique to relieve stress before starting a game. In addition, encourage your child to focus on the present instead of thinking negatively about losing. Teach your child the key phrases: “I learn from my mistakes”, “I control my emotions”, “I will achieve my goal”. This will prepare him for the game and its results.

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