Practical ways to wean a baby

Weaning a baby is not easy, mothers need to start weaning little by little so that the baby is not bothered.




How to wean a baby

The end of two years is the best time to wean babies, but the important thing is how and how it is done, and if it is not done properly, it will be a very bitter experience for the baby.


Sooner or later the baby’s diet will change and solid foods should be included in the diet. Children of mammals, especially humans, first breastfeed, which provides them with all the nutrients they need. But after a while, the child should also consume solid foods.


Weaning occurs when the baby is six months old. But this time is not the same for all children. Weaning is a step-by-step process because the baby’s digestive system is not immediately ready to accept solid foods. It is better to introduce solid foods with breast milk to the baby.


wean a baby

Time to wean the baby

The foods that are first given to the child are soft foods. Crushed fruits and vegetables are good for the baby because they have no teeth and can not make food.
Some foods are not recommended for young and weaned babies. These foods include high-salt foods, nuts, sugar, and gelatinous foods.


Problems with breastfeeding

Weaning a baby is difficult for both mother and baby. For example, in some cases, the mother is ready to wean but the baby is not ready to do so.


Sometimes the mother has a viral or bacterial illness. In this case, the consumed pill enters breast milk. Therefore, the mother should avoid breastfeeding the baby to avoid the pill.


How to wean a baby?

The baby usually feeds 8 to 12 times a day. Sometimes it is necessary to give solid foods to the baby instead of breastfeeding.

The process of weaning a baby is as follows: The mother should cut back on one breastfeeding meal and give the baby solid food or formula instead. The mother’s body must adapt to these changes. After a while, the mother should replace another breastfeeding meal with solid food.

By continuing this pattern, gradually all breastfeeding meals will be replaced by solid food.

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