Negative effects of playdough for children

Negative effects of playdough for children

Playdough causes allergies and sensitivities in children and causes respiratory problems, sleep disturbances, and restlessness from the side effects of play dough allergies.



Risks and problems of playdough for children

Abbas Momenzadeh, a pediatrician, said: “Playdough contains substances that are dangerous and harmful to children’s health, and parents should be careful about its negative effects.”

Momenzadeh stated that the use of playdough by children causes itching and abnormal sweating of their palms, adding: it is better for children to play with the dough with disposable gloves and wash their hands after playing.
While emphasizing that play dough causes allergies and sensitivities in children, he added: “The occurrence of respiratory problems, sleep disorders in children, and restlessness are the side effects of allergies caused by play dough.”
“Because play dough is made of chemicals, eating it by children can cause digestive problems,” the pediatrician said.
“Children with allergies are better off not using play dough, but due to the popularity of this toy among children and its role in their creativity, it is necessary to always use low-risk and standard play dough,” he said.

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