Negative effects of childhood injuries on adulthood

Childhood injuries such as sexual harassment, parental divorce, and alcohol consumption at home increase a person’s risk of heart disease, stroke, depression, and diabetes later in life.

Childhood injuries appear in adulthood

Childhood is the most important stage of physical and mental development of the child and injury in this period will have long-term consequences in the future, especially injuries and sexual abuse to children because it is less recognizable and for children is usually able to express There are no harms.
It can be said that irreparable consequences happen to the child now and in the future. The most important and sensitive stage in the formation of personality, social behavior, and individual characteristics of human beings is the childhood stage of each person, which is somewhat influenced by the environment, education, and deterrents.

Family life is far more important to children than it is to adults. Because it is here that the child learns his first experiences of living with others. It is in the family environment that the foundation for a child’s future development and activities is laid.
Whether love and affection reign in our relationships with others or hostility and hatred depend to a large extent on family upbringing. Basically, all behaviors during adolescence, youth, and higher, whether social or anti-social, arise as a result of past experiences, and it is according to these experiences that these states and behaviors can be justified.

Long-term trauma from childhood emotional trauma

childhood injuries

Childhood emotional traumas affect adult behaviors

According to Australian experts, while relationships formed in childhood help growth, if they are destructive, they can have negative effects on other periods of a person’s life and at an older age.

Facing children with physical and emotional injuries at an early age has a negative effect on their life expectancy, relationships, and mental health.

Studies show that childhood injuries such as sexual harassment, parental divorce, and alcohol consumption at home increase a person’s risk of heart disease, strokedepression, and diabetes later in life.

In addition, these problems in childhood increase the risk of risky behaviors such as smoking and can lead to a decrease in life expectancy.

According to The Independent, these children also feel distrustful of others because they have been harassed by adults who are responsible for their upbringing and protection.

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