Mothers who will have an obese child!

Overweight and obesity in children is a problem that many consider the product of modern life. In their latest study, researchers found a direct link between maternal activity and childhood obesity.



An obese child is the product of mothers working outside the home

The high cost of living today and changes in women’s lifestyles have also forced them to enter the workplace and employment, among which jobs outside the home have more negative effects on the mental and physical health of children, one of which is upbringing. And the growth of obese children with overweight is dangerous. Children of working mothers are more exposed to overweight.

Economists and sociologists believe that there is a direct relationship between mothers working outside the home and childhood obesity in society. Evidence, they say, shows that the two currents of working mothers and unhealthy future generations are one of the concerns of modern societies. Global statistics show that the number of overweight children has doubled from 1970 to 2014, and there are now 200 million obese children worldwide.

Among European children, the highest rate of overweight among children is in the UK, often starting in the early years of school. Danish researchers believe that the main cause of childhood obesity in their country is a decrease in home cooking and the use of processed foods among the under-15 age group.

obese child

The relationship between a mother’s job and an obese and overweight child

It should be noted that the time spent traveling to and from work and the working time of mothers has a detrimental role in the health of children’s food, while mothers whose workplace is indoors are much better at feeding their children because time Spent on the commute remains a reserve for them.

“Working women have less opportunity to buy raw materials for cooking, so they prefer to eat ready-to-eat foods, which is a simple and natural thing in today’s life,” said Dr. Gozdez in an interview with the Daily Mail. The health of each member of the family, especially children.

Children’s high interest in eating in restaurants and fast food causes more fat, salt, and sugar to enter the body of children and increases the incidence of diabetes and various serious diseases in this age group. It is noteworthy that the children of working mothers and working women both suffer equally from the problem of sleep deprivation and inadequate nutrition, and the peak of this crisis occurs at the age of 5 to 10 years for children.

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