Why are mothers more successful at talking to their babies than fathers?

Why are mothers more successful at talking to their babies than fathers?

Mothers are somewhat more successful in talking to their babies than men.


Talking to the baby about the mother’s profession

Why can mothers communicate with their babies better than fathers, and what is the reason for this ease, and why do fathers not have this ability?

The birth of a baby in any family changes all the relationships and habits of a family, now a small creature whose previous language is not

understood by adults becomes the focus of attention. The baby with whom family members are most important
and, of course, most parents try to talk to.

talking to their babies

The mother’s ability to talk to the baby


But are fathers or mothers more successful in communicating with a baby who has their own language?

Little attention is paid to the behavior of men and women who have just become mothers and fathers. The
instinctive behavior of mothers towards their babies brings them closer to their children. They play, play with their pitch, and sing to him in a melodious voice, all of which go hand in hand to

build a stronger relationship with their newborn. But this is a different matter for fathers.

Findings from the analysis of recorded voices of mothers and fathers with their babies show, Fathers even when a lot of time with Baby They spend themselves

Again not so much in connecting with did not succeed. Because they follow the same pattern as to when talking to an adult a few months old. In contrast to the mothers of melodic sound and tone to create Intimacy And use to communicate with their baby,

A way that indirectly teaches their children how to communicate
with their surroundings. How to show more love to those around them and the world.

But from the beginning, the tone of the fathers’ speech is such that it tells the baby how to communicate logically with others.

Therefore, parents each bring new experiences to their baby’s world through their way of speaking.
So they prepare their child to be in a world where love and rationality are the only way to survive.

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