Mistakes that make a child malnourished

Arguing with a child while eating is one of the mistakes that parents make unintentionally, and by substituting some foods in their diet, they make the child malnourished.



You raise a malnourished child!

Our mental image of children is that they should all naturally and naturally like to eat, and when they are hungry, they should easily sit at the table or eat their food, but the truth is that some children, in order to Eat enough. Do you want your child to eat happier and healthier? You may have struggled with it for weeks until you finally managed to eliminate soda from his diet.

You must think that you have done a great job and you are so tired in this battle that you do not want to break another bad eating habit of your child. But it is recommended that you take a few small steps to improve your child’s eating habits forever. They also reduce the anxiety of eating out.

Parental misbehaviors that cause malnutrition in children


not say the phrase “take another bite”. Surely all of you mothers have told your child to take another bite or eat another spoon while eating. Do not be upset, this is a sentence that has been passed down from generation to generation in mothers and will continue to be so. This sentence usually makes your child feel that they do not know how much food is enough for him to be full, and he may ask you, “Mom, I will be full with a few gases or spoons.” With such a question, it is quite clear that your feeding strategy is The child is not right.

child malnourished

Malnourished child and parenting problems

Do not abuse the dessert 
Dessert alone should not be a means of punishment or encouragement. Never tell your child that if you eat all your food I will give you a sweet. Bring sweets to the table with food so that he is not in a hurry to eat them, and also eating fewer sweets causes fewer calories to be absorbed.  Let your child decide how much food to eat. If he eats little at lunch, it is okay to give him the rest of the food instead of a snack a day. This will help your child eat less junk food.

Give vegetables to your child in the morning
Many children avoid eating dinner. Eat a small amount of dinner or prefer pasta or a sandwich for dinner. If vegetables are on their plate, they do not touch them at all. It is best to give vegetables to your child for breakfast or as a snack. At these times of the day, children feel less pressure from parents to eat until dinner time. For example, you can give your child carrots or broccoli to eat before dinner. After a while, this becomes his eating habit and he goes to the refrigerator on his own before eating dinner to pick up the vegetables. In this way, if you do not eat vegetables at the dinner table, you are comfortable with this.

Only one type of food is on the table
By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. If your child does not like one food, he or she will have another choice. If food is on the table, your child will be more motivated to taste what others are eating. There is a life lesson in this, and that is that it is not always present at the table of food that you like, but it is recommended to prepare food that all family members like.

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