Mistakes of parents in the face of mistakes of children

When parents watch their child make a stupid decision, they get angry and say the famous phrase “I do not want him to repeat my mistake.”



Children do not repeat the mistakes of their parents

The phrase “I do not want my child to repeat my mistake” reflects the most important wish of all parents, especially those who have a teenage child.

Jafar Bai, a pathologist, said in an interview: “When parents see that their child has made a stupid decision and insisted on doing it, he becomes very angry and utters the famous phrase” I do not want him to repeat my mistake “. Bring.


Mistakes of parents and children

He added: “Parents do not like their child to go the same way because they have done something in the past and they have failed in it because by mistake from their experience, they can achieve success much faster and make logical results.” To observe.

Bai continued: “When faced with making the wrong decision about our child’s situation, it becomes very difficult to stay calm, but if we are to maintain our influence in the circle of communication with the child, it is very important to remain calm.”


Mistakes of parents and children

In the end, the pathologist said: “When a problem arises for our child, we should not wait for him to admit his mistake and express regret. It is better to keep our child calm and talk about problems so that he will never tell us about his decisions in the future.” Do not say a lie.

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