Misconceptions about having children

Before you start having children, it is best to see if you are qualified to do so. You need to have enough physical, social and emotional wealth, knowledge and maturity.



If you believe are going to have a baby , you’re wrong.

Not every woman with a child deserves a mother’s name. Before you start having children, it is best to see if you are qualified to do so. You need to have enough physical, social, and emotional resources, knowledge, and maturity to be able to meet your child’s material, spiritual, and intellectual needs. But in practice, this rule is violated so that people who have no qualifications to raise a child have more children than others! And those who have the ability and competence to have children do not show a desire to have children.
Examine selfish motives in this regard:

1- Biological motives and to maintain survival: It is an unconscious and imposed motive that takes place without thinking. Control your instincts.

2- Bringing grandchildren to parents:It is for people who do not have intellectual independence and still need approval from their parents. It is better to live for yourself.

3- Loving children: It is a manifestation of human selfishness. Instead, adopt a child. Or became a teacher of children.

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Wrong goals for pregnancy


4- Wanting to be superior, they want to transfer their genes: a manifestation of excessive arrogance. If you think you are an intelligent and important person, do the great deeds yourself and do not leave it to your next generation.

5- Source of income and help with house expenses: hiring the cheapest worker. Instrumental use of children.

6- Be someone who has a cane in his old age: This way of thinking reveals the fear of aging. Attitudes of abusive and selfish parents towards their children.

7- Pregnancy and childbirth are life experiences:
 It is better to abandon these selfish experiences and enjoy other life experiences.

8- Without children, the family is weakened: it indicates the lack of social security in the individual. It is better to strengthen your relations with effective two-way communication.

9- Compensation for childhood problems:These people alleviate their repressed desires and fantasies by having children and satisfying all of their child’s needs (actually their own childhood needs). In fact, they want to show the example of a good parent to the community and those around them.

10- False pride: Such people persuade their children to go to university and get a specialized degree, or to do their favorite sport or activity and be proud of them. For incompetent people who are unable to do anything on their own.

11- Keeping the last name alive: or fear of extinction. A kind of naive and arrogant thinking.

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Misconceptions about pregnancy


12- Curiosity about the appearance and face of the child: They want to know what their child will look like. Pure narcissism and selfishness. And dissatisfaction with oneself.

13. Religious and ethnic precepts: In fact, thoughtless obedience to prejudiced, racist and irrational principles.

14- My wife wants a child:
 strengthening the relationship and fear of losing her husband. It is better to overcome it by increasing your self-confidence. Instrumental use of the child.

15. We want to be like others: a kind of cultural conditioning. Lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Fear of rejection.

16. Becoming a mother is every woman’s dream: to surrender to public opinion. You do not need to have children to become a mother. Many orphans are waiting for your motherly love.

17- Gender discrimination:Some want a boy and some want a girl. Demonstrates the use of children as a tool to achieve dreams and follow petrified culture, customs and traditions. It is better to be grateful to the people who are by your side.

18- Women’s biological clock:
 At the age of 30 to 40, sexual desire increases in women. But having sex should not necessarily lead to pregnancy.

19. Unreasonable: There are many people who have no reason to have children and only reproduce like cattle.

20- Unwanted and unplanned pregnancies:Negligence in using contraceptives due to improper use of them or not using them for various reasons such as more pleasure. In developed countries 28 million pregnancies each year are unwanted on the 50% and 26% of aborted fetuses leads. In developing countries, 182 million pregnancies occur annually, 40% of which are unintended and 20% of which lead to abortion .

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