Medical Tip About Kindergarten Toys

Experts have measured the level of bacteria and germs on these devices 15 times more than normal by sampling the surfaces of kindergarten toys in some kindergartens.



Kindergarten toys make children sick!

Despite the benefits of going to kindergarten or preschool, the lack of strict health supervision and control by kindergarten teachers causes children to suffer from a variety of diseases.
Experts warn that not paying attention to hygiene and accurate and continuous disinfection of equipment, toys, as well as tables and chairs in kindergartens and preschools can cause children to contract various infectious diseases, especially during the cold seasons.
Experts in the United Kingdom have measured the levels of bacteria and germs 15 times higher than normal by sampling the surfaces of these devices, especially toys, in some kindergartens in this country.
Experts warn that due to the proximity of children to each other in public places and the easy and painless transmission of germs and bacteria, it is necessary to follow the tips.
Kindergarten Toys

Toys that cause disease

Follow the tips to prevent the disease

These include monitoring the cleanliness of the equipment, washing children’s hands regularly, separating sick children from other children, and advising them to keep a sick child at home until the disease heals, informing families if an infectious disease occurs in Kindergarten, air disinfection, and ventilation monitoring, the use of physician advice to control children’s health periodically, the use of appropriate foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to strengthen the immune system of children mentioned.
Pandemic diseases that are common in kindergartens include chickenpoxcolds, flu, diarrhea and vomiting, urinary tract infections, and gastrointestinal parasites.

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