Learn how to take a photo of a baby

Taking a photo of your baby is not easy because we can not tell them what to pose and how to stay, but there are ways you can take beautiful photos of your baby.



Learn ways to take a photo of your baby

Taking a picture of a baby is very sweet and enjoyable, but at the same time, it is difficult. You have to take several pictures to get one of the pictures acceptable to you. But there are ways to take a picture of your baby that will get you the desired result faster.


Babies are often asleep and do not smile when you want to. They can not sit on their own or hold their heads high. Here are some tips to help you reduce the hassle of taking pictures of your baby.

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Take a picture of the baby


With the invention of the digital camera, it has become much easier to take pictures of babies. In the past, you had to use multiple film loops, without being able to see the result before printing the photo. But today you can immediately see what photo you took and if you did not like the photo, take another one. In addition, you can edit the photo on the computer to make it better.


The point to keep in mind is to always keep the camera close to you so you can take quick pictures at certain moments. Editing digital photos have become the most important part of the process of how to take a picture of a baby. There are many versions of photo editing programs. You can make the photo black and white so that the defects of the photo are not shown. Most photo editing software has an airbrush tool with which you can manipulate the photo and remove the unpleasant ones.


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Correct angle and model for taking photos


Angle and Position
One of the biggest problems when trying to photograph a baby is finding the best angle for photography. The usual method is to stand over the baby’s head and take a picture of him. But this model of taking photos – only from one angle – becomes boring and repetitive, and at first, it seems that all the photos are the same. Change the angle and position of the camera. Come down a little, take pictures from both sides, talk to the child, make sounds of yourself looking at you.

Taking a close-up photo is also a great way. However, having a zoom camera is important. Instead of sticking the camera on the baby’s face, it is better to take a picture from a distance.

It is more difficult to take a picture of a newborn baby. These babies are usually wrapped in a blanket and you only see their small, slightly red faces. There are often other problems; Like red spots and that they can not hold their head properly. All this makes it difficult to find the right angle for the child to look beautiful in the photo.


Using or not using the flash
Using or not using the flash is often one of the discussions about how to take pictures of babies. Even pediatricians seem to disagree about flashlight damage to infants’ eyes. However, it is recommended that you do not use the flash as much as possible. Babies’ eyes are sensitive and you certainly do not want to scare them with a flashlight. If possible, always shoot in natural light and compensate by adjusting the exposure in the camera. If you need to use the flash, use the light indirectly. If your camera has a fixed flash, cover it with a thin object.


Using Macro Mode
Another advantage of modern digital cameras is the ability to use macro mode. The body parts of babies are very small and beautiful. If your camera has a macro mode, use it to take pictures of your hands, feet, mouth, and baby. By doing this, you can pay attention to some unique details of the baby and say “the baby’s ear looks just like his father’s ear!” And complete his collection of photos.

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Create the right environment for the photo

The environment is
great for taking pictures of a breastfed baby in its mother’s arms. You can use baby photos as a documentary from the first days and weeks of his life. Take photos with your baby when friends and acquaintances come to see you. These photos are good souvenirs and it is better to always take photos of the child alone. If the baby has a sibling, you can take a picture of him with his sibling.

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 Take a picture, take a picture, take a picture.
Children change as they grow. Babies look different every day and every week compared to the day and week before. We often get excited right after the baby is born, and we take a lot of pictures of him in the first few days, and then our excitement subsides and we forget about the camera. Remember to keep taking pictures and take at least two pictures of him a day. You will be surprised to see gradual changes later.

Another problem is that the baby cries more than he laughs. You should check when the baby is calm. The baby may not be smiling yet, but there are moments that are better for taking pictures. One of these times is when he is bathing and the other is when he is breastfeeding. There are times when the baby is very happy and you can take a picture of his smile.

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