Important principles of raising a daughter

Teach your daughter how to express her feelings correctly and teach your child different types of emotions according to their characteristics.

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When it comes to raising girls, one should pay attention to their nature and train this gentle divine gift in accordance with their needs. Daughters, wives, and mothers will be the future, God has placed in them the necessary conditions and spirits of motherhood and marriage.
In raising girls, the principle of what kind of life we ​​prepare them for and what analysis and view of life we ​​have should be considered. The child is the flower and fruit of the family, the gardener’s mother, and the gardener’s father. The gardener must take care of his flowers in a timely and good manner. Expose the flowers to light in a timely manner, water them, and nurture them well with love.

The father, who is the guardian of this garden, must protect his garden in the best possible way and with the best tools (bringing halal sustenance to the house, kind and loving words, etc.). With this attitude, parents can avoid unnecessary harshness towards their daughter.

The parents are the first people to communicate with the girl. Words and phrases are the subjects of any communication, and because girls are emotional people, each of these words and phrases has an emotional burden for them.

Most of us are from a generation where silence, patience, not complaining, and not complaining have always been considered a feminine value, and we have been taught since childhood that a good girl is one who does not complain, does not oppose, and always puts aside everything. Come on.

But the reality is that it is not expressing feelings and opinions is one of the most important causes of depression, low self-esteem, and confidence Ast. education these days is more or less see it leads to sudden bursts of anger and negative emotions Become.
Unspoken emotions will eventually erupt one day and hurt the person and those around him. If you do not want your daughter to be the victim of this misbehavior, try to help her express her feelings by using the following methods to have a healthier personality.

The most important principles of raising girls

1- Teach your daughter the right way to express her feelings. If he expresses his feelings with bad words, teach him alternative words and sentences and use similar sentences to express his feelings. These sentences must be clear, respectful, and logical.

principles of raising


Talk to your daughter and ask her about different topics

2- When he is in a situation of fear, anxiety, or nervous tension, ask him to talk about the subject and say how he feels and what he is thinking.

3- Ask your daughter for her opinion. Let them know that your opinion matters to others and may influence your decision.

4- Teach your child different types of emotions according to their characteristics. Many children (and even adults) do not know the difference between anger, hatred, anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, annoyance, and so on. Get a clear definition of these feelings and teach your child how to express and resolve these feelings. For example, tell him when he is upset, what he may do wrong and how he should prevent it. Or when he is afraid of something, how should he share his fear with others?

5. Tell him his feelings are valuable, as long as they do not hurt anyone. Do not stop expressing emotions in any way. If she needs to cry, let her cry. If he needs to be heartbroken, listen to him.

6. Talk about your feelings with your child. You can even buy both notebooks to express your feelings and write them down daily.

7- Teach him to empathize and listen to the feelings of others.

8- Pay attention to your child’s needs and do not pretend that you do not know what he wants or how he feels. If you are not currently able to meet his needs and wants, tell him so that he at least knows that you have not neglected to understand him.

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