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The world of pregnancy itself is a period full of beautiful feelings and sometimes difficult situations that all of them forget about seeing the baby. Pregnant mothers will face a lot of questions after the birth of their baby for which there are different answers.



Baby care methods

When people around you find out about your pregnancy, they want to share their knowledge and experiences with you and teach you. So this information may sometimes be inconsistent and confuse you. Certainly, not all of this information is problematic, and some are very effective.

baby care

Disadvantages of using ear cleaners in infants

Do not use earplugs for babies

The use of ear cleaners to clean babies’ ears is not recommended at all, because some people insert the ear cleaner deep into the ear, which can damage the baby’s eardrum.
It is also possible for the cerumen or wax to penetrate the ear canal and block it.
Use a bath towel to clean the baby’s ears and then dry them gently and carefully.

Avoid crowding the crib

Today, some parents fill the crib with dolls, small pillows, crib nets, and more.
But to deal with any possibility of suffocation of the baby, it is better not to put anything in the crib, because it is possible that these extra objects will fall on the baby’s face during sleep for any reason and, God forbid, cause suffocation.
Newborn babies have no power or reaction to get rid of distant objects. So keep her bed alone.

Do not give honey to the baby

Never give honey to your child before the age of one, because honey contains spores of a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum.
These spores do not pose a risk to healthy adults, but grow in the gut of children and cause a rare and deadly disease called neonatal botulism.

baby care

Do not leave the sleeping baby alone in the car seat

Canadian researchers strongly recommend that you avoid placing sleeping children in child car seats.
Babies are unable to hold their heads, and their heads may fall off at any moment, blocking the entry of oxygen. In this way, the baby suffocates.
If you have to drive long distances, it is better to stop once every hour and take the child out of the chair and gently massage his body.

Rook does not strengthen children’s bodies

The use of scooters has been banned in Canada since 2004. According to experts, Rorouek is not only dangerous because of the possibility of a child falling, but also does not strengthen the physical strength of children.
In fact, the baby’s legs and back are not strong enough to maintain their weight, and excessive and long-term use of such objects can cause problems in his physical condition.

Do not use sunscreen for babies before six months of age

Unlike some parents who do not believe in using sunscreen for their baby, others start using sunscreen very early. Canadian researchers forbid the use of sunscreen for children under six months. Because at this age, the epidermis of the skin is not yet fully formed, and the UV compounds in sunscreen may cause allergies in the baby.
To protect children from the dangers of sunlight, it is enough not to expose them to direct sunlight for a long time and wear appropriate clothing.

baby care

Use odorless and non-alcoholic health products

Babies’ skin is very sensitive, so the use of health products and scented and alcohol-based cleaners are not recommended.
Aromatic products contain chemical compounds and additives that increase the risk of allergies and itching of the baby’s skin. It is better to use odorless and natural products for washing and hygiene of children’s skin.

Do not put the baby to sleep while drinking a bottle

Putting the baby to sleep with a bottle of milk destroys the enamel and accelerates the process of tooth decay. Normally, saliva secretion helps to neutralize the acidity of the mouth, but during sleep, saliva secretion decreases and does not do its job well. In these conditions, the process of tooth decay accelerates.
Therefore, it is recommended to clean your baby’s teeth before going to bed with a very soft toothbrush and water. After one year, you can also use toothpaste for children.

Do not give breast syrup to infants under six months

Canadian researchers do not recommend giving antitussive syrup to children under six months, because in addition to the fact that these syrups have not been proven to be effective in childhood, there is a possibility that their side effects, such as increased heart rate, may bother the child.
To improve cold baby doctor pediatrician (not GP) visit. A cold baby needs more rest and fluid intake than anything else.

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