How to treat baby allergies to diapers?

Burning baby feet and their sensitivity to some diapers is one of the common problems of parents that causes restlessness and insomnia at night. Learn the causes and ways to treat this problem in this section.



Tips for treating baby allergies to diapers

One of the most common problems for infants and children can be their sensitivity to diapers and persistent burns, which can make them restless and often accompanied by insomnia at night. The occurrence of this complication, which occurs in the diaper area of ​​the baby, is in most cases accompanied by redness, inflammation and burning of the skin in this area, and if not treated in time, it can cause discomfort and infectious and fungal diseases of the baby’s skin. Dr. Akbar Kooshanfar, a pediatrician, explains more about diaper allergy in infants.

Why does your baby’s foot burn?

It is perhaps rare to find a baby in the world who has not experienced diaper burns. Many babies up to the age of 2 suffer from skin burns due to the contact of their sensitive skin with urine and feces. This burn is usually accompanied by inflammation and redness of the skin and causes restlessness and impatience in the baby, which usually prevents the child from sleeping soundly and deeply, and in the long run may cause the child to develop infectious skin diseases.
allergies to diapers

Treatment of infant foot burns

The first step to treatment
One of the most useful and simple ways to control and treat a baby diaper burn is to change it as soon as possible. That is, be careful to change the baby as soon as he defecates so that his urine or feces do not burn his skin. Of course, changing alone can not be very effective. It is better for parents to leave the baby open for a while after each change and place him in the air so that the skin in the diaper area is slightly ventilated and its sensitivity is reduced.
The importance of timely treatment of burns
One of the most important factors in the timely treatment of diaper rash is the possibility of skin infections, fungal infections and advanced allergies that may turn into sores in the long run. These side effects, which are accompanied by inflammation, redness, itching, and impatience of the baby, cause pain and burning and usually last a long time and are exhausting for the baby and his family. Therefore, parents should not ignore the possibility of burns and infectious skin diseases.
Grease the baby’s feet with cream
There are various pharmacies, oils, creams and lotions available today to prevent and treat burns in the diaper area; Creams with which you can increase the skin resistance of the diaper area against burns and soften and strengthen the skin in this area. Of course, preparing a diaper of good quality is also recommended to prevent burns on the skin of the baby’s feet, because sometimes a large part of the burns is caused by the allergy that the use of substandard diapers creates in the baby’s feet.
Duration of treatment 20 days
Babies with diaper burns will be treated within 20 days if they have a severe form. Of course, this happens when the baby’s parents take him to a pediatrician and receive the necessary instructions to treat the baby’s foot burn. In cases where the baby’s foot burn is small, it takes between 10 to 15 days for the burn, inflammation and redness of the baby’s foot area to completely disappear.
Take these tips seriously
* At the first signs of a child’s foot burn, treat it and do not simply ignore it.
* If after 2 to 3 days you see the development of burns and increased inflammation of the diaper area of ​​the baby diaper, be sure to see a pediatrician.
* Check your baby’s diaper and check for the possibility that the baby is sensitive to the sex and type of diaper *. If the baby’s skin is sensitive to the material of the diaper, change the brand of the diaper as soon as possible.
Apply cream or baby oil to the skin of the diaper area every day to minimize the possibility of burns and allergies in this area.
These products protect your baby’s skin
Fortunately, today various creams and oils are available in pharmacies and health centers that are very useful and practical for the prevention and treatment of baby foot burns.

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