How to reduce children’s fear?

How to reduce children’s fear ?

The following tips may work, but you should not expect your child to be able to overcome their fears in an instant. It can take months, maybe even a year, for a child to overcome their fears. It is perfectly normal for him to show the issues that frighten and preoccupy your child in his painting or play and talk about them unnecessarily.

Do not laugh at his fears. The
things that scare your child may be worthless and funny to you, but they are quite serious and real to him. Do not humiliate or laugh at him when he is afraid of something like the sound of a flash tank or imaginary creatures. Try to comfort him that you understand his fear. If you give him this consolation and collective remorse, he will realize that it is natural to be afraid and he should try to overcome it.

Convincing the child that there is no reason to be afraid has the opposite effect. If you tell him, “Don’t worry. A dog that is not afraid. ”In fact, you have made him sad and worried. Instead, give him a sense of security and togetherness and say, “I know the dog scared you.” Let’s walk past him. “If you don’t like me, I can hold him so you can get out of here.”

reduce children's fear

Ways to reduce children’s fears


so-called soothing items – such as old pillows or dolls – can help children overcome their fears. Devices like these give the child a sense of closeness and reassurance – especially when you have to leave him and you can not be by his side.

Explaining Problems
Some children can overcome their fears by hearing logical and descriptive explanations of what frightens them. For example, when working with a flash tank, explain to your child that the toilet water is completely drawn down, but it cannot be pulled down by children or ducks. Or, for example, tell him that the loudness of the ambulance is for others to notice that it is coming and to open the way for him.

Hearing explanations makes some children feel safe and collective. Explain to your child despite the vacuum cleanerIt swallows all the dirt and debris but cannot swallow their father’s doll, toy or toe. Or walking at sunset removes the child’s fear of the dark. Or if the child is afraid of the hairdresser, ask the hairdresser to cut your hair or a small part of it with scissors so that the child believes that the scissors will not harm him.

If your child’s past experiences have frightened him or her – for example, vaccinating him or her last week frightened him or her out of the doctor’s office – do not simply skip it. Of course, do not exaggerate the issue too much. Explain to him very calmly and logically that the vaccine or ampule is a little painful at first, but it goes away very quickly, and you can then go out together and have fun. This promise of fun distracts him to some extent from fear.

reduce children's fear

Reasons and ways to alleviate children’s fears

Solve problems with each other
If your child is afraid of the dark, go to his room together at night. Another way to overcome this fear is to get help from a bodyguard (like a doll), a sprinkler gun, or a magic sentence to keep the monster out of the child’s mind.
By constantly trying and making mistakes, you and your child can increase their sense of power and control over their fears.

Exercise during play
If the child is afraid of the doctor, maybe playing the role of a doctor or toy medical equipment can help him to some extent. Some children go to the doctor’s office much more easily and with less fear by holding their medical equipment toys. If your child is afraid of encountering strangers, he or she can greatly overcome this fear by having similar encounters with his or her dolls or toy animals. Do not express your fears in front of him

If your child sees that you are scared and sweaty from seeing beetles or spiders, or that you feel bad when you go to the dentist, he or she also believes that these things are scary and will definitely scare them. So try to eliminate your fears or at least not express them in front of the child.
There is nothing wrong with confessing to your child. You do not like to go to the dentist, but you have to go for the health of your teeth.


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