How to raise confident children?

Children whose parents spend more time playing with them will become self-reliant. Here are some tips for raising a confident child.



 Children with high self-confidence

Self-confidence makes children feel good, and most children who have self-confidence are happier and can more easily cope with the problems of the environment and the pressures in the world.

Now that your child is older, the most important thing is to set a positive example for him. We are all the product of our upbringing and our primary environment. We were conditioned to respond to serious situations and stimuli. If you put yourself in the shoes of a child whose parents are constantly grumbling and complaining about how hard life is, how difficult it is to find a job, and how bad and awful their boss is, then you can easily understand how a child You become a person who has a negative view of the world around you.

Let me hear phrases like “I can’t do this or that”. Behaviors speak louder and louder than words; So if there is something you are afraid to do, why not think you can break that fear.


Show yourself in front of strong children

Parents who achieve anything in life with “I can” thinking can boost their children’s confidence. Do not let them hear the words “I do not like my body” or “I am very fat”; Sentences that affect their self-esteem. Self-loving parents give birth to their young daughters with confidence and a positive self-image. Be a role model of positive inspiration or self-confidence in your little girl’s life. Choose other behavioral patterns for him. Today, when culture and physical appearances are everywhere, try to harmonize everything through famous and positive role models such as heroes, scientists, athletes and politicians, benefactors, and researchers. It is better to find successful and famous women in these fields and give them examples.

We live in a time when society is under pressure, everyone is busy, paying installments, and constantly trying to achieve the things of life. With the current state of the economy, most of us are surrounded by installment or work anxiety.

Children are not able to understand the situation that is caused by external influences and has caused their parents to be upset and nervous or confused. Children easily believe that they have caused this behavior in their parents. So try to take them out and park sometimes for fun. Nothing relieves your problems or worries for as long as a baby’s smile.

Create a safe and happy family environment in your home; Where everyone, regardless of age, is remarkable and admirable.

Children, like adults, need attention and emotion. They need to know that someone loves them enough to take the time to hug and care for them. Your little girl will be self-reliant when her parents really enjoy spending time with her. If his parents take the time to play with him and play with him more than they send him to watch TV or play with his toys, he becomes more self-reliant.

Do not criticize your child. Recent research has shown that more than 90% of the relationships a child hears before the age of five months are negative. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. You have often said to your child, ‘You are so slutty, your toys are out of place’ or you have written too cluttered. Or “Why can’t you act like your cousin?”

As parents, many of us do not intentionally harm our child, but if as a child you always hear us say “do not do this” or call him disorderly, lazy, and irresponsible and constantly want to be like his cousin. .. Then you do one of the two options.


Prevent the child from disobeying

The child believes that he is always guilty because it does not matter what he did; So he may be stubborn and do unusual things. In the same way, he becomes a rebellious, disobedient, nervous, and stubborn child that you can not manage or that he believes that he is a completely unfortunate person; So he does not try and becomes a cautious and silent child without self-confidence who suffers from a lack of self-esteem. When your little girl is talking to you, don’t just pay attention to what you hear, see exactly what she wants to tell you. If a child comes home from school and tells you that the others in the class are much smarter and better than them, the worst thing you can do in these situations is to shake their head and say that they are stupid.

In this situation, you only ruin their self-confidence and self-esteem because they have been honest with you about their feelings of happiness and you have just let them go.

Instead, try to sit down with your child and ask him or her why he or she thinks so. Try to explain to her in a language she understands, not with pride and selfishness, that some are better than others in some areas, but in some respects, they are weaker than your daughter. Then give him an example of his own work. Whatever it is, it is a sign of your child’s superiority and we are all superior and better than others in a certain matter and we just have to discover them.

Never tell your child to grow up or behave like a child. Children, like adults, sometimes struggle with their emotions. They too can feel defeated and frustrated in their lives. You should try to talk to them again about what made them feel that way. You can only help your little girl by talking and listening. He trusts you and becomes more confident in his ability to solve his problems.

If he behaved like a child, then look for the reason for this behavior. He may be tired or just have a bad day. Try to distract him but do not focus on the word “childish behavior”. Sometimes we like to just stay in bed and spend our time while it is soft and comfortable under our heads. Children are no exception. Do not let your child watch too much TV. Watching too much TV does not help to stimulate his imagination and creativity.

Children enjoy exploring the garden and yard more than watching nature documentaries on TV. They love nature and this is the way that teaches them a lot.

Encourage your child to explore the world around him as he protects himself from danger in nature. You may ask them not to approach the ants, but the ant will not harm them. They help to make the sound of anything have a background. Children get dirty when painting or playing in mud and soil, but this is a learning requirement.

Clothes can be washed, changed, or repaired, but nothing can be done with people’s memories of childhood games and entertainment. It is right not to allow children to be children only in cases where there is a possibility of harm because in these cases, having children does not increase positive self-confidence.

If we constantly tell our children that the world is a bad place and full of useless people, can we expect them to have independent personalities? In such situations we have created for them, they are more like people who are afraid even of their own shadow!


Tips for boosting your child’s confidence

So if your child wants to walk home to school alone, if there is no security problem in your area, let him or her join you on the way. For younger children, let them go to class on their own after entering the school grounds, instead of accompanying them to class. You can stand in a corner outside the school until you are sure he will not leave school again. Well, how to raise our children to be confident without turning them into naughty people! Many children copy behavior from their parents; So behaviors speak louder than words.

If you constantly yell at your parents or treat them with disrespect, you can not expect your children to treat other people with respect.


a reward system Find a way to reward your daughter but do it right and in important cases. If you reward or reward your child for everything he or she does, he or she will learn that it does not matter what the reward is and that the person giving the reward is important. has it.

In general, reward your child if he or she has done a great job, but will be more encouraged by saying that you are the next Michelangelo after he has made a shape out of clay and mud. Other than that, your daughter is amazing and in fact a small sculptor.

When you watch him try hard to do something, just because of a small sentence you said to him; “You are a hard worker” or “If you work so hard, you can do everything!” When he does something related to arithmetic, such as counting to 10 or solving a riddle, tell him, “I’m glad he likes numbers, he’s good at math.”

If he is trying to get the job done, tell him, “I love the way you found it, you will not give up, and it’s worth it.”

Sometimes parents reward them in the same way, especially when their child is doing well in school or trying to be good, but you can easily teach them that they should always be the best to be encouraged by you. Behavior or have the highest rankings.

Pay attention to your child

Just as you comment on values ​​and abilities such as perseverance, hard work, justice, creativity, self-confidence, courage, goodwill, forgiveness, and generosity, your laughter or ability to run and smile. Pay attention.

Consider how much you care for your child and whether that attention is positive or negative. If two children are in the same room and one of them plays well for himself while the other jumps up and down on the couch, which one catches your eye?

Usually, the one who plays on the couch, while he was previously blamed for it. The one is ignored and they both learn that negative behavior will get the parent’s attention. A different tactic can be rewarding for a child who plays well for himself but is careless for one who jumps up and down on the couch.

Positive behavior attracts attention and the reaction that all children around the world share are that they want to attract attention.

Show gratitude to your daughter. Thank him if he helped to collect the dishes and arrange the toys in his room. Encourage them to be good and then you will find that they are good most of the time.

Let your daughter solve her problems on her own, or at least try to do them. It is clear that some of the problems they are able to solve depend on their age; For example, if your slightly older child wants an expensive doll, encourage him or her to find ways to make money with the doll.

Be careful what you say

We should be careful when we talk to our little girl and make sure we do not use misbehavior or rudeness about children. A child who has come to believe this is rude and rebellious; Do not seek healthy values. So the next time you teach your daughter discipline, remember to use appropriate language. If they beat another child, then you can say “beating is rude” instead of saying; “You are really a rude child.”Involving your daughter in a variety of sports and physical activities is a very effective and essential strategy for building their confidence. It promotes health, well-being, and physical awareness and can improve life skills and social relationships.A healthy girl should participate in all kinds of physical activities such as swimming, running, cycling, etc. It is also very important to be on sports teams, especially when they teach children to work with others and help them learn social skills.

Remember to go out with your little girl, a walk in the park is a good way to spend a few hours with a mother and daughter or father and daughter.

Encourage your daughter to try new things so she can break the boundaries of women’s activities. Does he know how to repair his bike? Did you teach him how to read from a map? Did you encourage her to try a new sport that is not traditionally chosen by girls? What about an art case?

In today’s society, we are all accustomed to experiencing all the activities and tasks that are mostly done by men, we must create this message in the mind of our little girl. Be aware that your little girl can participate in activities and sports for both men and women, and this is how she learns that she can be anything she wants to be.

Encourage your daughter to talk and express her views and ask questions. Encourage him to evaluate options when solving a problem. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection, and encourage him to focus on the reasons for the different results.

Teach him that when something is not effective and working, it only means that he needs to set his goal and think of a new plan. He should know that exploring different options is a way for people to do what they need to do and solve their problems in a way that can be fun. Your role as a coach

Remember that you are more of a coach to your child than a starter. It is your responsibility to raise your children to play a positive role in adulthood. You are preparing a child who will one day take responsibility for his name and his actions. You can not achieve this if you do not start early. Teach him independence and confidence in abilities according to the right age conditions for decision making. If you consider your role as a coach; That is, as a person who stands on the sidelines of the child’s life and encourages him, and not as a person who lives in the child’s life; In this case, you can not make many mistakes. By attaching the child to yourself, you do nothing but damage your own relationship with your child, which is a very valuable relationship.The relationship between parents and children is the only example of unconditional and pure love. You need to love your child unconditionally and accept them as people who are independent of your dreams and who they are, not what you wish they were.

Raising a child who has good self-confidence and knows his / her abilities enables him/her to constantly develop and become a successful person in adulthood; This should definitely be the duty of every parent today.

We believe that every child is born to accomplish a significant task, something that only he or she can handle.

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