How to put children to bed at 9 pm?


How to regulate children’s sleep

Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks for children is to sleep. Parents spend a lot of time putting their children to sleep, especially in the early years of their lives.

But if parents make it a family rule to go to bed before 9 pm, there will be huge benefits for them and their beloved child.

In addition to parents being able to spend time with their children after bedtime, going to bed before 9 a.m. has many health benefits for children.

Benefits of baby sleeping early

1 – Fall asleep faster

Many parents think that the more tired the child gets, the sooner he falls asleep. This idea is completely wrong!

Children who go to bed before 9 pm fall asleep faster and have a better quality of sleep than children who go to bed later.

children to bed

Children who go to bed before 9 pm have a better quality of sleep

They are also much less likely to wake up in the middle of the night.

Studies show that children who go to bed before 9 pm have 78 minutes more sleep than other children!

2 – The secretion of growth hormones

Pediatricians believe that nothing is more important for a child’s development than proper and timely sleep.

Long before a child enters adolescence, hormones still play a major role in their development.

The highest level of growth hormone secretion in a child’s body is at 10 pm, 12 pm and 2 am.

It is not enough just to lie in bed and wake up at 10 o’clock, but the child should be in REM sleep at this time.

3 – High productivity and efficiency during the day

In addition to the two points mentioned above, one of the most important benefits of children going to bed early is better performance and higher concentration of these children in school.

According to, adequate and timely sleep in children increases their concentration and greater productivity.

children to bed

Children who go to bed before 9 pm have a better quality of sleep

“The symptoms of insomnia and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in children, including inattention and impulsive behaviors, are almost exactly the same,” says the director of the Sleep Medicine Center at the National Pediatric Medical Center in Washington.

How to put our baby to bed at 9 pm?

Parents are the role models of the child in all matters. The same in this case!
If you put him to sleep, go to the bedroom yourself and pretend that you are asleep too. You can study silently in your bed.

At least until you make sure he’s asleep!
Do not force the child into his room and turn off the room and watch TV loudly or talk on the phone.

children to bed

Children who go to bed before 9 pm have a better quality of sleep

Read your child a favorite book. Reading books is a great way to put your baby to sleep.
2 hours before going to bed, do not let the child look at the screens of electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets. The blue light emitted from these devices makes it very difficult for them to fall asleep. Turning off these devices before bedtime triggers the release of melatonin – a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle – in the baby.

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