How to properly treat girls who do not seem to cope

Proper treatment of children

Various studies show that girls between the ages of 10 and 14 have significantly lower self-esteem, one of the issues that becomes very important for a person during adolescence is his appearance. Recognizing and accepting physical changes is one of the most important preoccupations for adolescents as they transition. Therefore, the most important thing for parents to do is to increase their self-confidence . By knowing their child, they can consider his / her abilities and create desirable behavioral patterns in him / her.

Talk to her.

During this period, children need more attention and therefore it is necessary to establish a deeper emotional relationship with them. It is better for parents and especially mothers about the physical changes during puberty.Talk to your daughters and help them believe in themselves. Get to know the reality
Sometimes a teenager’s body image is not real. It is best for your child to become familiar with the true nature of the pictures he or she sees in magazines. Tell your child that only a few percent of people are fit and that what your child is looking for is an unrealistic standard and that many of these photos have been tampered with.

treat girls

Embrace him
It is good to know that change is made by acknowledging one’s strengths. We can be effective when we first see and talk about our child’s positive qualities. Why don’t some of our dear fathers bravely praise the appearance of their daughters? Do not hug him? Unless we all need attention and are filled with hope and energy from the emotional expression of our loved ones. So you need to let your child get that energy from the safe environment of the family. Your child, especially during adolescence, needs this attention and your emotional support to gain self-confidence, dear parents.

treat girls 

Strengthen his self-confidence

Tell him that self- confidence means loving yourself a lot, both internally and externally, as it seems and what he believes. He can love himself and always have positive self-confidence; When he does not allow television programs, movies, magazines and even the comments of others to influence him.

 Puberty Characteristics
Why your child is interested in using cosmetics and how to deal with such situations requires increasing knowledge about puberty characteristics. One of the most important intellectual concerns of adolescents, especially girls, is to pay too much attention to their appearance, and unfortunately, they usually pay more attention to the negative aspects caused by changes in puberty, such as uneven growth of limbs and nose. .

Use of cosmetics
Adolescents tend to use cosmetics to attract attention and expression, so that the less confident they are, the more they tend to use these devices, so the root of this type of behavior should be rooted in Find out the reasons for our child’s low self-esteem.

Do not compare your child’s self-esteem with others and do not highlight his weaknesses.
Respect your child’s thoughts, words, and beliefs, and refrain from uttering any offensive or derogatory language.
Respect your child’s personality. Even if he has committed a wrong behavior, only that particular behavior should be criticized, not his whole personality.
Create opportunities for him to experience success. First, confront him with simple situations and gradually lead him to difficult stages. Keep order in your life and be firm and stable in enforcing the rules and regulations of the family so that your child behaves in the same way and does not suffer from duplicity and conflict. .


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