How to have a wise child?


Ways to have a wise child

The issue of raising a child has always been one of the basic and fundamental issues of the family. Raising children is important because it not only affects the whole life of the child until adulthood but also according to studies, the way the child is raised is the main cause of discord between husband and wife.


Education is a set of methods and strategies that are used from the beginning of human life so that people are on the right path of growth and development and achieve happiness and perfection in the light of educational training. In the not-so-distant past, raising a child seemed normal and did not require special services or skills. But today it seems necessary for families – the existence of upbringing and educational services for their children and its use – is essential.

In fact, mothers ’employment and the conflicts of parents’ daily lives, on the one hand, and the smarter children today, on the other hand, through contact with all kinds of means of communication and information, are all among the reasons for the formation of this need.


A child who goes through childhood is much more awake than many of us wise adults, so the first and most important thing we must do is not to suppress that original divine wisdom, believe that our child is extremely wise and prudent.


In this article, the goal is to address how to raise a wise child, smile, begin with, start with joy, and move forward with patience and enthusiasm.


wise child


You have to be patient to raise a wise child


Wise child-rearing tricks

Ingredients: A familiar notebook pen

Step #

1- Discovering Your Purpose There are three things that can be done to help ease the way. We need a sense of responsibility for the decision we make. Although you and your spouse both participated in this decision, in this style of work, which is based on personal change and growth, only one person is considered and that is you.


It may not matter if your child was born unintended or unplanned, if you are a mother it is your job to raise a wise child with the weapon of love and affection, and if you are a father it is definitely your duty to have a wise child who grows up with your support.


The same enjoyable task will be glorious; The good thing is that when we have children with planning, it is as if God said yes to our wishes, oh, what a pleasure, but when a child is born suddenly, I think, this is the caress of God for us, How do you describe this gift? Smile, we are approaching the important steps.


The important point

when you are chosen as a parent is, in fact, based on the soul’s desire for spiritual growth and prosperity. We need a pen and a notebook again.

A child who is going through childhood is more alert than most of us young adults.

Step 2:

To begin with, I need to give a comprehensive and complete definition of my child; This definition includes our view of our child, this is our approach and perception of that lovely innocent being; While normally, we describe him as my child, with this name, emblem, age, sex, race, education, etc.;

Now we have to describe his personal originality, which is goodness and virtue, this goodness and virtue come from the divine divine essence that is blown in the body of the fetus (and I am the soul of the room 29), remember that according to verse 172 of Surah A’raf before him This promise reminds us, who is really the child of our temperament angel. Now, in your opinion, how much more consciously and deeply will we love the child we have realized who lives by the Spirit of God and has chosen us of his own free will? And because he is a part of God, how much more honorable and beloved will he be?


wise child


Children sometimes use wisdom more than adults


Awakening of my child’s wisdom

A child who goes through childhood is much more awake than many of us wise adults, so the first and most important thing we must do is not suppress that original divine wisdom. Believe that our child is extremely wise and prudent. Is.


What should we do?

Bring a notebook and a pen and please answer this basic question, how should I be a parent in order to have a wise child? This question is very important because it gives you an idea of ​​how you are in the context of parenting, in addition, it is the first step to self-improvement, provided that you answer the question as follows: On a separate page, write down the negative traits you want to remove from your character and on a separate page, the good and positive traits you want to add to your traits. We need your smile.


Now a
piece of advice in the ear: read Rumi’s instructions for immediate change. For the next step, it is better than being alone in the path of change, be sure that Rumi is with you in all the steps you take for self-improvement. Now empty your pain space by talking to the water, this will help you not to fall prey to the wrong parenting patterns and maintain your independence as an adult parent.


According to the method of education that has been narrated from Amir al-Mu’minin (AS), the child is a master in the first seven years. First, respect your child, his needs and wants, apologize whenever he makes a mistake.


This will help your child learn, take responsibility for his or her actions, and remember that you are the same as him or her, regardless of your age or role. Please do not assume financial issues, because if this is the case, you can talk about it with patience and love instead of categorically rejecting his request or suppressing it.


O dead rye, which is empty of bread because it is forgiven, and Rahim, what is this pain?


What not to do?
Do not identify with your parenting role, just do your parenting duties. We should not do anything that is against human dignity. In fact, our most important duty to our child is to meet his needs and then protect him from danger. And he will learn, now the reason for my insistence on self-improvement and personal change becomes clear.


Specifically, violence against a child (violence, lack of space, inattention, shouting, humiliation, insult, deprivation, revenge, morbid control, physical contact, or beating) is strictly prohibited. Lying to a child, and discriminating against children are also among them. Because all these deeds are against his human dignity and cause his divine wisdom to be buried.


Hello Mushnin and Miasa, in spite of this patience, choose Jihad and Massa, which was a little bad for you.

Maybe you are very tired. Smile. We have reached the end. Now we are preparing to reveal a secret, and that is to control the child for listening. And exercise your discretion to anger And there is no need to shout and punish,

respect him and address him with mouth-filling titles, he will listen to your words, and fill him with so much love and affection that if you withhold it from him for a moment, he will surely obey your commands. Perform, just remember, do not prolong these moments of deprivation of love and affection because it gives the opposite result and creates a painful atmosphere, it may also turn you into an emotional ransomer.


Be careful
when you are very angry at someone or something, and effective solution is offered: In these cases, bring the name of the person who made you angry and says……………. I love you, do the same for yourself a few moments later, it works wonders and causes. You get rid of the clutches of those who want your anger and weakness and take control of the situation.


Finally, know that you are stronger than your child, so be more patient, kind, and self-controlled.

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