How to have a talented child?

Ways to raise a talented child


Childhood has always been known as the best and happiest period of human life. Many adults in the midst of life’s struggles, remembering their happy childhood, move to a world where there is no pressure of responsibility and suffering, and certainly every parent wishes to provide such a childhood for the child. He will be loved by them, but happiness and joy can not be learned, and the flourishing of his talents should not be without considering his interests.
The following suggested methods will help you develop your child’s talents:

1- Let your child discover his interests. Pay attention to the games and activities he chooses. These games can give you a lot of information about your child’s hidden talents.

2-Put your child on a wide range of experiences. This activates latent talents. Do not think because he is not interested, so he has no talent in that area.

3- Let him make a mistake. If he does everything perfectly, he will never risk discovering and developing a talent.

4- Ask questions. By asking questions such as Why is the sky blue? Help your child face the wonders of the world. Find the answer to the question together.

5. Plan special family projects. Collaborative activities can awaken and expand new talents.

6- Do not force the child to learn. The hope that children need to be taught certain lessons every day in order to develop and develop their talents may make them anxious or bored.

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How to raise a talented child

7- Do not limit your child by labeling him. These labels may impose conditions on him that do not match his innate talents.

8. for activities such as reading, listening to music and talking Consider regular schedule.

9- Consider things for the child that he can always access his world by referring to them.

10- Let your child do his favorite group activities.

11- To nurture your child’s creativity, read humorous stories to him.

12 – Do not criticize or judge the activities that your child does. If he feels valued, he will probably not pursue the development of his talents.

13-Share your family in your success. Talk about the pleasant things that happened during the day to increase his self-esteem in this way.

14. Make sure your child has access to a computer at home, school or a public library.

15. Listen to your child. The things he cares about can be a clue to the special talents he has.

talented child

Tips for having a talented child

16 – Consider a special space in the house to engage in creative activities.

17. When your child successfully completes the day-to-day chores you give him or her, appreciate his or her sense of responsibility in doing the housework.

18 – Give your child feedback games. Toys such as assembling pieces and hand puppets encourage imaginative play.

19. Read inspirational stories where their heroes have had success in life.

20 – Do not bribe your child by giving a reward. Use incentives that send the message to the child that learning should not be about rewarding.

21. Let your child join peer groups that match his or her talents.

22Do not encourage gender bias. Provide both male and female toys and activities for your child.

23 – Avoid comparing your child with others. Help him compare his current performance with his past performance.

24. Use group or group situations (outside the home) to stimulate your child’s interests and talents. Go to a library, museum, concert, or contest together.

25. Give your child rewards that strengthen his or her strengths.

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