How to have a reasonable son

If you have a son and you want to make him an educated, sensible, and noble person in the future, it is better to look at the following points



How to raise a sensible boy

If you have a son and you want to make him an educated, sensible, and noble person in the future, it is better to look at the following points because these methods in raising a child will help you to know how to respect other women.

The position of women varies around the world. There are some cities and countries around the world where men have no value or respect for women.

Your son must know that women have the same right to succeed as men. He must understand that women also have goals and have enough power to achieve them. You do not have to be a business owner or share financial success with your child. Even now you are a successful mother, so let your child know as much as possible.

Share your successes with him

Talk to your son about other successful women who live all over the world and are from different parts of the globe. In this way, he comes to understand that race, nationality or even religion do not make a difference between human beings. Teach your son that every woman has a choice. To choose what his lifestyle is like. Some women work hard to achieve their high career goals, while some prefer to stay home and do their best to be a mother.

Do not speak ill of their father

If you live with your spouse, or even if you are divorced, never gossip about your child’s father. Your son needs to understand that women respect men too. Try to avoid marital quarrels as much as possible while your child is at home. If your ex-spouse does not respect you and you can not do anything about it, it does not mean that you should hate him.

Remember that you are a role model for your son. So it is better to pay attention to this pattern and do not spoil it. When your son grows up, he will realize that he was not always right with his father. Everything you tell him now is useless.

reasonable son

Talk to her about women’s rights

It is important that you and your son talk openly about women’s rights, not always and every day, but from time to time. Start by defining the date. He needs to know how much women have fought for gender equality throughout history. If your wrapper is a teenager, he or she should know how many women are exposed to rape and sexual harassment. These topics are not interesting at all, but talking about them regularly with your son will help you raise a child who respects women no matter what.

Also, make sure that your son does not feel guilty about being a man by saying these words. Let her know that many men also suffer from a lack of gender equality and have a lot of compassion for women.

Do not let it follow your whims and desires

Sure, you love your son very much and you want to make him happy every second, but to let your son pursue any whim is like teaching him that a woman is created just to keep a man satisfied and meet his needs. And has no other work. As a mother, you need to know when to say “no” to your child, regardless of the tears and misplaced desires.

reasonable son

Do not say bad things about other women. You

may not like your wife’s co-worker at work or you may not like the behavior of your husband’s mother, sister or aunt. This is your problem. Your son should not hear how you judge them. In other words, by your behavior, your son thinks that some women are good, while others are not only not good but do not even deserve to be respected. Do your best to control your emotions, especially when your son is near you.

Involve her in responsibilities and household chores

Mothers, especially when they have a daughter, rarely ask their sons to help them with household chores such as cooking, cleaning, and other household chores. Shamna and your spouse should set an example for your son and show him that men and women are equal even when it comes to responsibilities and household chores.

If you have both sons and daughters, be mindful and make sure you do not use just one of them in household chores. Involve both of them in household chores together.

reasonable son

Raising a boy who has learned to respect women is not a difficult and incomprehensible task, and you as a mother should not ignore this issue. First of all, your son is someone’s future wife, and you definitely want your son to treat his wife with respect, just as he respects all women.

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