How to have a genius child

Having a genius child is not a dream and any child can be a genius. If you want to have a genius child, you have to put him in the right direction to make him an intelligent and genius child by following some tips.



Four steps to genius child narcissism

To have a genius child, set him in 4 ways:

Superior motivation: Superior motivation comes from independence and the child knows that his parents are the only ones he can go to and get answers to his questions.
Answer the child correctly and spend time with him. If he did something with all his energy and alone, encourage him and express his feelings .
4 paths the child should take:
Independence: Independence empowers a child’s genius If your child is not confident in meeting your desires, he can not show his genius. The child will not seek genius and expression if he is sure of facing unpleasantness. Independence in your child also boosts self-confidence .
genius child

Tips for raising a genius child

Indirectly ask your child questions from anyone and anything, but not about personal matters. The child’s curiosity puts him in the direction of discovering the situation and the environment and everything. Answer your child’s questions with importance and respect so that he or she understands the importance of answering the question and searching for the answer.
Children often have imaginations that are more or less different between them, but there is a way to guide them. For example, if your child is unmotivated to do something, encourage him by imagining a successful myth in his mind, albeit completely indirectly.
Positive self-image:
The key to building focus and self-confidence and ultimately success is to have a positive self-image that you are the only one who can create. Encourage your child when he or she is doing something and tell him or her, “It was great. Hurry up and show it to your father.”
Set the best example for him and make him similar to them and match his positive points with that successful person.

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