How to entertain a child on a trip?

Children get bored during long journeys. Sitting together is a difficult task for a lively child. On the other hand, there is no space to play in the car or plane, so how can a child have fun while traveling?



Ways to entertain a child on the trip

When planning a family trip, you want to have fun with all the family members. Basically, on trips, children get a little bored and bored, and that is because they sit for a long time without doing any fun activities in the car or train, and so on. Parents who care about all aspects of traveling with children and teens can provide simple, effective ways to entertain their child while traveling.

Beautiful and joyful moments with music

Of all the activities and hobbies, music is the most popular. For children of all ages, music always provides them with beautiful and joyful moments in the car. Listen to cassette tapes, sing, play small musical instruments such as harmonica and touch! In the blink of an eye, you see that you have traveled about 50 kilometers!

“When you travel with your children, you can not only drive while moving but also sing a group hymn with them.” Nothing can distract children as much as group songs. ” The books that come with the cassette tapes are as popular as the anthem for children of all ages and are available in most public libraries.


Although reading books in the car is sometimes more difficult than other times, it is still a great way to entertain children. You can offer older children books that contain important cartoon characters, and for very young children, large picture and cartoon books will make them happy.


entertain a child

Ways to entertain the child on the trip

Favorite toys or games

Before moving on, let the children pick and bring their favorite toys or games. Selected toys should be small and compact and should not be made up of many small pieces, as they may fall out and get lost.

Put the toys next to each other in a bag and leave the responsibility of caring for them to the child. Carry a small, flat board so that the child can play, paint or paint on a hard surface. Also, do not forget the paper, pencil, and magic. Bring enough of each. With the help of a small portable video game, you can entertain children who are a little older for hours, and fortunately, the sound can be reduced.

 Happiness bags

Always before the holidays come, some fathers go to shops selling goods for 1000 Tomans and fill their magic bags with small toys, while traveling by car, when the children are restless. And they get bored, take the toys out of the bag one by one and distribute them among the children. Showing new things to a child is a good way to stimulate their curiosity and keep them entertained for half or even an hour.

Use the surrounding scenery

All the parents who have been asked about entertaining their children in the car have shown a tendency to use the surrounding scenery when traveling. Signs and placards, license plates, cars moving around, farms, houses, and villages are all excuses to play a variety of games through them. For example, search for the colors in the surrounding landscape, yellow, red, water, letters of the alphabet, numbers, a ball, a sheep, a gentleman wearing a hat, and so on. Such examples are unlimited and can be adjusted according to the age of the children.

We can also include a simple snack in our mysterious bag. A short and nutritious snack not only satisfies children’s hunger but can also eliminate the boredom and monotony of travel in a timely manner.

Choose healthy foods that your child enjoys and produces little junk; Fresh fruits, cheese, vegetables, raisins, walnuts, dried fruits, simple sweets, and cereals. In the case of beverages, choose beverage bottles with straws and put them in the freezer overnight to freeze and cool for several hours during the day. If the ingredients in the sandwiches you bring are perishable, prepare the sandwiches with frozen bread to prevent them from spoiling later.

 I have to go to the bathroom…

Consider public stops along the way, especially parks and forests. Most of these parks, in addition to toilets, are equipped with playgrounds. When stopping at these places, you can take the opportunity to experience some of the numbness and bruising caused by the trip, and children will also have the opportunity to drain their rich energy.

Bring a ball and a rope and play different games; In any case, it is important to get rid of bloating and fatigue caused by hours of movement and to get enough oxygen to your body before moving on. When you move again, change your seat in the car if possible. Although changing places makes travel more enjoyable and comfortable, travel safety tips should never be overlooked.

Children should always sit in special seats that can be adjusted to their height, and children under 12 should always sit in the back seat of a car, especially if the car is equipped with airbags. “I like to have fun with the kids,” says one father. “But at the same time, I want to spend some quiet time talking to adults or even drowning in my dreams and thoughts.”

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