How to encourage the baby to stand?

The moment the babies stand is very pleasant for their parents. In general, most babies at 9 months try to stand on their feet.

Signs of standing baby

Most babies try to stand on their feet at 9 months. The baby’s first attempt to stand on his feet is a historic moment in the process of his physical growth and development, and it can be very pleasant and memorable for the parents. Being able to encourage your baby to get up and walk as quickly as possible requires some key points.

In general, most babies try to stand on their feet at 9 months. Given this exciting fact, have you prepared yourself for the necessary training for your baby? Here are some simple activities that can help you do just that by learning you “stand up”. Usually, the baby uses the bed as the first aid to stand on his feet.

How to encourage a baby to stand

The baby automatically detects the parts of his bed that are at a suitable and functional height and tries to stand on his feet by grasping them. Therefore, you should help him to provide the conditions for him. For example, it is better to collect extra toys around the bed and always find a way to create this important moment. In general, you should make the bed the first aid for standing up safely.


baby to stand

Help the babies to stand

Now go to the stairs. Stairs that are low are the best platform to practice getting up from the ground and standing on your feet. Place the baby on the stairs and encourage him to stand up and stand on the edge of the stairs while standing in front of him.

You can use this technique to teach walking on all fours up the stairs. Be careful to always watch his movements on the stairs. In the next step, it is not bad to give him furniture that does not have sharp and harmful edges. In fact, furniture is one of the best tools for learning to stand. In such moments, it is better to wear clothes that protect the baby from possible injuries caused by falling and hitting the excess furniture.

Encourage your baby to play more with the push-play wheelchair.
Your toddler will never be able to enjoy his or her dolls and toys. So they too can be part of the training strategy of standing on their feet and walking. RecommendedPlay equipment Place your baby’s favorite on a relatively high surface, such as a bed or short table.

By watching them, the baby tries to reach the highest possible level, and this is what you want. While picking up her dolls, she is practically practicing her balance skills while trying to keep her balance.


baby to stand

Help the babies to stand


Jumping for a baby who is gradually approaching one year of age is one of the best exercises for standing and walking. We recommend that you hold his hands and help him sit and stand while kneeling in front of him on the floor. Gradually, the baby does this out of love and affection, and when he sees your smiling face as a toy, he does it more quickly and practically starts to jump.

Encourage the baby to play more with the push-play toy. The baby first uses it to maintain balance, and then, as he acquires a significant level of skill for comfortable standing, he gradually begins to walk.

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