How to deal with a loose baby

How to deal with a loose baby

“Parents are the first and foremost factor in creating stubbornness in children, and the type of treatment of children is very important,” says a psychologist.



spoiled child how to behave?

Baby Luce is often a product of his environment. If you always give up, now is the time to change your mind.
Experts believe that just as children can become obsessed with anything such as toys, chocolates, or too much release, they can become obsessed at any stage of development, so parents need to be aware of how a child behaves at any age. Get to know more

A child psychologist says: “When parents can not fully manage the rules of the house, children get the impression that they can do anything and have unlimited freedom.

When parents prioritize their children’s wishes and well-being over their own, over time the child learns that everything should revolve around him or her and that other issues are merely marginal.

When a child starts screaming, parents usually comply with their child’s wishes to silence him or her. This causes their child to become lazy and will not be able to cope with their problems in the future. Such children will have many difficulties in establishing relationships with others in the future.

He stated: The problems of these children begin when they enter the school. Stubborn children are often rejected in kindergarten, school, and small family communities, and this can cause them a bad emotional impact.

“In general, parents need to be more serious about the rules they set for their children in order for their children to get out of this situation,” the psychologist said. This means that the child should not feel that he can shirk the rules.

Regarding the proper treatment of parents with their children, he advised: Parents should treat their children in the same way in all situations. In other words, if a child screams and falls to the ground, the parents should ignore his move and not think that by doing so, they should immediately fulfill his wish. On the other hand, the child must understand that the parents can control the situation so that he does not think that he can persuade them to do what he wants by shouting.

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How to deal with lousy children

Parents should know that no child is born lazy, and it is the parents who make children lazy and stubborn. It is also the correct behavior of parents that can save children from this state.

Emphasizing that parents’ indifference to this feature is not a good way for their children, he added: “In fact, parents, by ignoring their child’s inappropriate social behaviors, cause bigger problems so that the child is very isolated in the future.” And they fail in their friendships, marriages, and work.

The child psychologist called corporal punishment and humiliation of stubborn children inappropriate for hurting their feelings and expectations, adding: “The best type of punishment is to be angry with the child, and if he observes inappropriate behavior, he should be deprived of his desired conditions for a while.” On the other hand, one should not be indifferent to the child’s inappropriate behaviors. Accordingly, encouraging the right behavior in situations where the child is behaving properly and verbal warnings about inappropriate behaviors play an important role in cultivating their correct moral characteristics.

Families need to be moderate in dealing with children, too much love and attention, as well as parental neglect of the child, can both harm their child’s future.

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