How should we deal with the children’s play doctor?

How should we deal with the children’s play doctor?

Children’s play doctor is a popular game among children that should be controlled.



What to do with the children’s play doctor?

It must have happened that you see your child playing auntie or mom playing with other children, but sometimes this auntie turns into a doctor playing among children

The children’s play doctor means one of the children who are interested in being cute and seen, gets sick in the middle of the play, and the other child, who is his playmate, plays the role of the doctor, and the only prescription he wraps for his patient is to inject. Both enjoy this game. Usually, both children know that what they are doing is wrong, so they should not say anything to their parents. Many parents are upset to see these scenes and misbehave with them.


children's play doctor

What to do with the children’s play doctor?

Doctor play in children is a kind of sexual curiosity

When children grow up, they are naturally curious about the private parts of their bodies and the opposite sex, and in their normal games, they take the opportunity to physically approach children of the opposite or opposite sex to Discover their body shape. Children play sex games out of curiosity and this is normal. An example of this sexual curiosity is playing doctor.

Preschoolers love to play doctor and sometimes want to examine each other or inject each other while playing doctor. In this predicament, sometimes the organs of the body see each other. Such behaviors are not done with sexual intent or sexual intercourse does not lead. A child’s sexual curiosity starts at the age of four or five, and this is one of the natural stages of his sexual development, and if he does not respond properly, his sexual curiosity will increase.

Although puberty occurs at an older age than elementary school, sexual desire and questions about it are not limited to puberty, but develop long ago in a particularly emotional way in the child. Many bad habits of children, including playing doctor, which is hidden from the eyes of parents, are formed during this period.

What should we do if we see our child playing while the doctor?

1- We do not get angry and do not fight with our child
Many parents react very strongly to such behaviors. Remember that in such cases, very strong fights and blame are not a good solution at all. Children at this age are in a period of sexual silence, and their behavior and games are not sexual in nature (as adults imagine), but because the child is familiar with the body, recognizing gender differences and out of curiosity.

2- We show our sadness and do not remain silent.
A group of parents may be ashamed of entering this category, not knowing about the methods of sex education, learning, and previous information about being taboo, and not talking about Do not react to sexual issues. Silence in this area is not a good reaction, because it makes children unaware of their inappropriate behavior and continues to do so.

3- The parents themselves should intervene in time
If you see a pediatrician in children, go to the children immediately and ask them, for example, to give them an injection or to examine each other’s teeth. In short, let’s try to change the subject of the children’s game and end the story.

4. We talk to our
child at the right time. At the right time, talk to your child and define the scope of playing with other children and tell him that you know he was playing the role of doctor or patient and was just playing, but He has grown up and should not expose his private limbs to others.

Explain to him that everyone’s private member is his own and he will not do it again, and if someone does it to him again, you will not be upset with him, just let him know immediately and any Tell you the kind of inappropriate and upsetting behavior without fear or worry.

5. We do not always try to take care of our children so that this does not happen again.
Many parents, after seeing such cases from their child, choose the method of strict supervision training and think that through continuous monitoring they can control their child’s behaviors and conditions.

And instead of the method of sex education, they choose the method of control, if the parents are more strict in this regard and the lack of proper education causes the children’s curiosity about sexual issues to increase and remain unanswered.


Tips for Child Sex
Education Teaching children about sex and answering their questions is something most parents do not even like to think about and always avoid answering, but you should know this. The issue also needs training. The following tips can help answer some of your child’s sexual problems:

– Depending on your child’s age and physical and mental maturity, talk to him or her about sex and basic training such as grooming. Give her the privacy of your body and ،, in short, do not ignore her sexual education.

– Set boundaries for children at home, for example, say your body is private and no one else should take off their clothes at home.

If you see that your child is still pursuing his sexual curiosity, it may be a sign that his curiosity is not yet satisfied. Sit down and review basic information with your child. For example, talk to him about body shape and name different parts of the body one by one.

– Invisibly watch out for children’s privacy. It is very good that their privacy, such as their independent room, is such that it is not out of sight of the parents, and parents occasionally have rebellions under various headings that do not take on the color of interference, so that children feel safe from their privacy to perform actions. Do not play like a doctor.

– Teach your child that his body is private and others do not have the right to touch some of his limbs. It is better to use indirect methods to express this point.

– Make the child aware of the differences in our body compared to the other sex. When a child asks their parents about this difference, it is a good opportunity to introduce them to their sexual identity.

Ask your child to look for differences in the appearance of his or her parents or siblings, then tell him or her that these differences are present in all parts of our body. If we leave the identification of these differences to the child himself, children will find lonely and secluded places under different pretexts and examine each other’s bodies.

– Give a simple answer to the child’s sexual question. The right age to inform a child about sexual issues is when he or she asks a sexual question and the onset is different in children. We should not lie to our child, or leave his question unanswered, or open it up to him with difficult and complicated answers so that their multitude of sexual curiosities remain unanswered.

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