How many times a week should we bathe children?

How many times a week should we bathe children?

Do children need to take a bath every day? Depending on their age and activity level, children need to take a bath two to three times a week, and dermatologists have provided several solutions for bathing children, which are mentioned in this report.



Bathing children

“bathe children”, like many of the things we do during the day and night, has its own etiquette, the non-observance of which can cause problems the person, this issue is so important that even in Islam there are many advices It has been for that.

According to researchers, depending on the age and activity level of children, they only need to take a bath two to three times a week. In the body of children, the presence of some bacteria is considered necessary until a certain age, because the body can fight other bacteria and build a stronger immune system.


bathe children

Bathing children


Therefore, dermatologists have offered several solutions for children’s baths, which are:
1. If the child is six to 11 years old, bathing two to three times a week and shampooing only once a week is necessary for their hair and body.


2. The number of baths per week can be increased if children are clearly dirty after playing or swimming in the lake or have a strong smell of sweat.


3. If children are in the early stages of puberty, it is better to take a shower every day to get rid of body fat. After the age of 12, children with dry or curly hair can shampoo their hair every seven to 10 days.


4. It is better not to use hair conditioners for children, but if necessary, they should be used only at the ends of the hair, not on the scalp.


Although not all children are the same, researchers say, and each method or number of times each child is different, these recommendations are general. However, experts point out that children with eczema should follow their doctor’s advice regarding bathing.

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