Good food and bad food for children

If you are one of those parents whose child malnutrition has become a problem for you and you have tried every way to solve the problem of malnourished children, the recipe for this food will be a good help for you.



A way to solve the problem of malnourished children


Most children, especially between the ages of 3 and 8, are no longer interested in eating and are more interested in eating industrial foods and fast foods, which you are certainly aware of the serious dangers of such a diet.

Lettuce and parsley cutlets
Lettuce green leaves 8-10 leaves
Parsley 100 g
5 eggs
Salt, pepper and spices as needed
Oil for frying
The important point in preparing this cocoa is choosing lettuce green leaves due to having more vitamins in this part of lettuce compared to other parts of lettuce.
Chop the lettuce and parsley leaves after washing and add the beaten eggs in another bowl and add salt and spices to the cocoa ingredients.
According to the method of cooking all the cocoons, pour the oil in the pan and after heating, add the cocoa liquid oil to it and let it fry well on both sides.
After frying and preparing it, decorate it in a way that stimulates your child’s appetite. For example, if you have a mold, pour the cocoons into the mold so that it turns into different shapes after frying, or a triangle that looks like pieces of pizza Be.

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