Do Girls have more learning power Boys?

In fact, education and psychology are deeply different between girls and boys. In this article, we examine the differences in learning power between girls and boys.



Do girls have more power to learn or boys?

There are physical differences in the brain development of a boy and a girl; But now researchers are still wondering what effect this difference has on behavior, personality, etc.; They did not find out. For example; Scientists say that there is an area of ​​the brain that draws boys to mobile devices and girls to nurture them; Of course, these issues have not been established yet.

There are many differences between the training and brain development of girls and boys. Children pay attention to the behaviors of parents and when playing the same role, they choose their same-sex parents, so that in girls, the role of mother and boys choose the job of the father.

One of the psychologists said: Girls go to games such as aunt and dolls as children, but boys mostly choose to play with guns and cars.
learning power

The learning power of girls and boys

He said: “Girls look at problems and issues objectively and in detail compared to boys. For example, girls learn math problems in a formal way, but boys face problems in general.”

Take a look at the differences between girls and boys

Referring to students’ anxiety, the psychologist said: “Female students express their anxiety by talking to friends and family, but boys evacuate it by physical activity.”
Regarding girls’ responsibility, he said: “Girls do not postpone their responsibilities in any mental state, stress, failure, and order, but boys with the first stress and anxiety, due to high pressure and intense conflict with something that bothers their minds.” They forget their responsibilities.
“The difference between the brains has an effect on learning,” he said. “In the girls ‘brains, the left and right hemispheres are connected, but in the boys’ brains, the two hemispheres have little to do with each other.”

Girls are more educated than boys

“Female students can do things like talking, working on the computer, doing homework, and eating at the same time, but boys can only do one thing,” the psychologist said of girls’ characteristics.
According to the above topics, there is a difference in learning between male and female students, which indicates that girls are more active and more educated than boys.

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