Games for kids traveling

Children need to play and drain energy while traveling, but how should children play while traveling?


Game Kids on road trips

If I were a physicist, I would have told my students in the first class that travel turns children’s potential energy into kinetic energy – or even atomic energy, from the moment they get in the car. What game should we silence them with? Then I went on to say that this energy is uncontrollable, which means that this source of energy cannot be completely destroyed! Instead, we should think of a way to drain this enormous energy slowly and playfully.

A serious and safe way to drain energy that minimizes the possibility of a car falling into a ravine or on the side of the road is to play. What games?

Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors is a very fun and good game that has no sound. Let’s create a new classification for games. According to this classification, Rock Paper Scissors is a game with low noise pollution and high excitement. Which plays a significant role in not reducing the driver’s focus!


Games for kids

Entertain kids on the go

Open a grocery store!
This is a new game and there are no restrictions. Listen to me tell you how to play it. The first person says the name of one of the things found in a grocery store with the first letter of the alphabet. The next person has to say the name of another object that starts with the second letter of the alphabet and ends.

The second person must also have mentioned the name of the first person. Anyone who fails to match a new item loses. Let me explain this game to you in a more practical way. For example, the first person says: “Cherry”. The second person should say: “Cherries, almonds”. The third person should say: ” Sour cherriesalmonds, pistachios”.

Twenty questions and beyond
The game of twenty questions that you know? This general game can entertain children. You can diversify this game a bit so that the child’s silence continues. For example, you can say that the limitation of the game is that we have to choose our option from the objects inside the car.


Games for kids

Entertain kids on the go

Make up a story,
all form a group and take turns. Then everyone completes a sentence from a fictional story. For example, the first person can start with a simple sentence: “Once upon a time, there was a time, a prince lived on the same road, behind the river.” A funny story comes out of the water. Trust us.

Play Fortunately / Unfortunately
This is a game that can also reinforce a positive outlook in the child. To begin, one must say a negative sentence and the other must try to make it positive. The downside is, “I heard it was full of bears and wolves.” And the second person can say something like this: “If he is a wolf, he is badly afraid of us humans.”

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