From whom does the child inherit intelligence?

From whom does the child inherit intelligence?

According to scientists’ research, we must say that intelligence is inherited and the child’s intelligence is inherited from the mother and the father has little involvement in the child’s intelligence.



The intelligence of the child is the inheritance of the mother

Many of us think that intelligence is inherited from both parents, but this is not true. Only one parent inherits intelligence from the child, and that is the mother.

Recent research by scientists shows that children inherit their intelligence from their mother. According to the Independent, according to these scientists, the father has no involvement in inheriting the level of intelligence in children.



Children inherit intelligence from their mothers

Scientists’ research shows that women are more likely to pass on the intelligence gene to their children because they have two X chromosomes.

However, men have only one X chromosome, and scientists now believe that genes that carry advanced cognitive functions inherited from the father may be automatically inactivated.


Laboratory studies using genetically modified mice have shown that those born with an extra dose of the maternal gene have larger brains and smaller bodies, but the opposite is true for those who inherit this extra dose from their fathers. That is, they have a smaller brain and a larger body.

This creates a strong bond between the child and the mother, and it is thought that the sense of security that is created in children allows them to explore the world and solve problems of self-confidence. Have.


In addition, researchers say mothers tend to help their children solve problems rather than guide them to use their potential to solve their problems.

Dear mothers, do not be too proud !!

Scientists say that only 40 to 60 percent of intelligence passes from mother to child, and the rest depends on the environment and the way the child is raised, in which both parents are involved.

And more interestingly, after the birth of a child, fathers have a much more important role in increasing the intelligence of the child than the mother. Children who spend more time with their fathers have a higher IQ.

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