Features of baby toys under 6 months to one year

Toys are among the devices that children use for their entertainment that have features for all ages.



Features of baby toys

Features of toys for children under 6 months The purpose of toys used for children at this age is that the child looks at them, hears their voice, grabs them, or sucks them, but in general, a few things should be Note:
Babies up to 6 months after birth
– enjoy hearing interesting sounds.
– Enjoy seeing the original bright colors (red, green, yellow, and blue).
– Enjoy seeing contrasting colors like a ball in red and green.
– Like simple shapes like squares and circles.


Features of baby toys

What are the Features of baby toys?

– Enjoy seeing the human face, especially the eyes.
– Enjoys seeing hanging objects or moving objects that are moved by another person or by themselves. (Objects hung at the top of the child must be at least 20 to 30 inches away from her eyes and in the eyes of him, so that when you move, can not touch it.)

– Enjoy touching, shaking, and putting objects in your mouth. (Catching toys should be light and easy for the child to hold.)

– Babies enjoy variety.
– They like to influence the toy themselves, for example, when they hit it, it produces sound.
– They like to look at moving objects. It is better for these objects to move slowly and make a quiet sound.
Specifications of toys that the child may put in his mouth.


Features of baby toys

What are the Features of baby toys?

– Do not have sharp edges.
It does not have small parts that may enter the throat, ears, and nose.
– No electrical components.
– Not made of toxic substances.
– Not made of fragile glass or plastic.
– Long threads are not used in it.
– Do not have parts where fingers or hands get stuck.


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