Features of a good hospital for childbirth

Mothers and fathers who are waiting for the birth of their child are worried and sensitive about choosing a hospital. They want their child to be born in the best hospital without any problems.



What are the characteristics of a good hospital ?

Concerns about choosing the right hospital to give birth to sometimes upset mothers. What features a suitable hospital for childbirth should have and what sections it should be equipped with will keep the minds of mothers and fathers waiting for their child to arrive. In the following, we will provide you with useful explanations for choosing a hospital.

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Choose a good hospital and doctor

How to choose the right doctor and hospital?

For example, many doctors do not require themselves to be party to the insurance contract, and a large group of them only perform deliveries in private hospitals, and since cesarean delivery is more cost-effective in the meantime, they prefer to If possible, they do not go for natural childbirth. Of course, a wide range of obstetricians and gynecologists work in several hospitals, and it is you who chooses one of the hospitals according to your financial budget, but sometimes there is a doctor that you choose. You only have a contract with a private or expensive hospital and you have no choice but to take out insurance even in many of these hospitals if you are insured.

So once you are sure of your pregnancy, you should think about choosing the right doctor and hospital, not like many who do not even know in which hospital they give birth a week before giving birth and therefore suffer a lot of stress. Stress that makes the delivery process more difficult for them.

What does a good hospital mean?

A hospital suitable for childbirth is a hospital where a healthy and trouble-free delivery is performed and the mother and baby leave safely. Hospital welfare and treatment facilities for mothers and infants, cleanliness and hoteling of the hospital, attention to the needs of children and mothers in the hospital and how nurses and medical staff behave from admission to emergencies and discharge, are among the factors that make hospitals in different degrees puts.

Delivery problems are usually unpredictable, so the hospital should have facilities so that the doctor can take full care of the mother and baby, taking into account all possible conditions, whether in a normal delivery or in a cesarean section, which may have complications. .

Existence of resident anesthesiologist

The center where the delivery takes place must have a resident anesthesiologist present throughout the operation, as the doctor may plan for a normal delivery, but for some reason may have to have a cesarean section, so the operating room and anesthesiologist should Be available at any time. Operating room facilities should be adequate and adequate blood available, especially for high-risk cesarean sections.

Existence of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The presence of neonatal wards and the NICU is also very important. It is recommended that women who have high-risk pregnancies give birth in these hospitals.

good hospital

Tips for choosing a place to give birth

Think about the place of delivery before the third month

Do not forget that most doctors, especially well-known specialists, are only present in private and semi-private hospitals, and most of the insurance policies contracted with hospitals cover a small cost of your delivery, and the rest you have to pay out of pocket; Unless you have supplementary insurance.

For this reason, it is recommended that pregnant women choose their doctor and, of course, their hospital before the third month of pregnancy. Of course, it is better for the doctor you choose to be a proponent of natural childbirth. Because cesarean section has a thousand and one complications; Unless you have an emergency cesarean section.

It is not that every hospital that receives more costs provides better services, but there are hospitals that provide services to you and your baby at an average cost and you will experience a good delivery.


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