The effect of father age on fertility and the birth of a child with cancer

The relationship between father’s age in fertility and the birth of a child with cancer

Women’s age is very important in pregnancy , but the results of studies show that the father’s age is more important in fertility because the fertility rate of men decreases after 40 years. For many years, male fertility has been thought to continue from puberty to death, but it should be noted that, like women, men’s bodies have biological clocks. Although men can have children in their 70s or even 80s, this will not be so harmless.

Parents who delay having children until old age are still on the rise, but new research has found that the long-term consequences of this process are dangerous for children’s health and increase their risk of developing diseases such as leukemia .
child with cancer

The father of old age and the birth of a child with cancer

According to a study by researchers at the American Cancer Society in California, there is a link between the age of the father (not the mother) at birth and the risk of developing leukemia in adulthood.
To investigate this relationship, the research team analyzed data obtained from men and women enrolled in the study program. Out of 138,003 participants, 2532 cases of leukemia were identified between 1992 and 2009. The researchers found a strong and positive relationship between the age of fatherhood among participants without siblings. In this group, people whose father was 35 years old at birth were up to 63 percent more likely to develop leukemia than people whose father was less than 25 years old at birth.
“The age at which a father is born is associated with an increased risk of developing various types of leukemia and immune system disorders, especially in single children,” said lead researcher Dr. Lauren Terrace.

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