Familiarity with the stages of sexual development of the child


Sexual development of children to know

Sexual development, like the physical development of the child, is considered a natural process in children. Sexual development from birth to puberty, at any age, has features and characteristics that awareness of them will help parents, educators, and teachers in how to answer Kokan questions.


Many parents are confused, embarrassed, and ashamed of their children’s countless questions about sex. First, parents do not know the answers to many of their children’s sexual questions due to lack of awareness or incomplete information, second, parents do not know where the limits of answering children’s sexual questions are and to what extent they should inform their children about sexual issues. Will knowing about sexual matters calm their child or will it lead him astray?


We talked to two psychologists about educating and developing the child in the field of sexual issues, as well as ensuring his sexual security and preventing the child from being in situations of sexual assault, as well as ways to understand such incidents and their treatment methods. You’re reading.


sexual development


Girls go through the final stages of sexual development around the age of 11-10

Know the stages of your baby’s sexual development!

A psychologist: To begin teaching a child about gender issues, he or she must first become aware of his or her gender. Until the age of 3, the child does not know about his gender, but at this age, he enters the third stage of his sexual development, which is called the reproductive stage.


At this stage, children are usually looking for curiosity about their gender, they play more with themselves, and this is actually to achieve gender stability, but unfortunately, parents deal with the child due to lack of awareness; For example, threats or fights and in many cases even corporal punishment.


Some people think that their child is masturbating, but we should know that this is a stage of development and it will be resolved after a while by paying attention and playing with the child, and ignoring and distracting the child’s behavior.


When your baby gets to know his body, he enters the next stage of sexual development, which is the latent stage. At this stage, teach your child that your body is private and you should take care of your own body. Controlling playmates and friends and not allowing them to go to a friend’s house as much as possible is necessary at this time because we do not have complete information about their family situation and even if we know friends and family, caution is still a condition of reason.


Education and sexual security of the child from the perspective of two psychologists

Girls around the age of 10-11 and boys from the age of 13-12 go through the last stage of sexual development. It is the duty of parents to be aware of this period and how to deal properly with hormonal and physical changes, mental states, and characteristics of this age.


We need to know that these steps are passed simply and safely with reflection, awareness, encouragement and timely punishment, and getting help from counselors and that we are the ones who need to be worked on and need training and awareness. Because most of the time, the root of our children’s problems is in ourselves.


sexual development


Until about 3 years old, the child has no information about his gender


The secret that dolls reveal!

Child and Adolescent Psychologist: When it comes to child sexual safety, a major concern for parents in such situations is that no one has an unusual relationship with their child, especially since they sometimes observe unusual masturbation-like behaviors in young children.


Parents should know that if this happens to children, children will somehow recreate this in their play with their dolls, and you can find out about this while playing; Because your child is acting on his or her dolls in an unusual way.


You can also find traces of things he did not say in his paintings. Of course, the age of the child and the education that the parents have given him in this regard are very important. Most children do not have the language to defend themselves and sometimes they can not recount what happened to them.


To prevent or deal with such an event, parents should talk to their children and teach them where the sensitive parts of their body are and that no one but their mother or caregiver has the right to touch those areas. Compliments and veils should be put aside with children and they should be taught these issues very clearly. Of course, some children are well aware and quickly notice the other person’s unusual behavior, and this protects them.


Education and sexual security of the child from the perspective of two psychologists

If parents cannot do this for their child on their own or do not know how to deal with their child’s questions correctly, they should seek help from a child psychiatrist. Also, children who have been sexually abused or have some unusual behavior should be examined by a child psychiatrist so that they can address the problem with their own methods, such as play therapy, painting, and dialogue.

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