Encourage and release the child only to the extent allowed!

Sometimes parents restrict the child’s freedom to prevent undesirable behaviors, saying that expressing interest and encouragement is not very appropriate for children, while the foundation of the child’s education can be built with these basic steps.



The permissible limit of the child’s freedom

” Wow, how difficult it is to raise a child these days” is a phrase that parents keep repeating, but it should be noted how difficult or easy this important path is, so it is better to end it with full knowledge and accuracy. When we encourage our children, we increase their self-esteem. But we must be careful to be moderate in these cases. And warn him in case of mistakes and inform him of his bad behavior.

To prevent undesirable behaviors of children, the background of these undesirable behaviors should be removed from the child’s life and he should be placed in a mentally, socially, and familially healthy environment. If the child lives in an environmentally healthy environment, the parents and educators will have less effort to implement the educational issues and vice versa.

Child freedom and the best time to raise children

From an early age to twelve years old and the most important place in the home environment and the most competent people are the child’s parents. Parents wish their children to have excellent human moral qualities, to develop positive talents, and to have a great personality. But if they do not have the right process in getting their children to this end, they will take the child away from the right path from the very first steps. Apart from the family environment and the parents’ behavior with the child, the social environment and the environmental factor and even the child’s inheritance are important in this way.


Child freedom and the impact of the environment on child-rearing

To prevent undesirable behaviors of children, the background of these undesirable behaviors should be removed from the child’s life and he should be placed in a mentally, socially, and familially healthy environment. If the child lives in an environment that is healthy in every way, the effort of parents and educators in implementing educational issues will be less, and vice versa. In fact, the environmental factor is not ineffective in any of the living organisms. A child who can be easily and positively raised in a healthy family and social environment in an unhealthy environment can not easily get a position in the proper upbringing.


Giving children freedom in the family environment

Parents should not be unaware of the effects of the environment, raising their children with such freedom in the family environment that when their child enters the community environment, they easily fall into the mire that is in their way, because the absolute freedoms of the family deliver them to society. And secondly, due to the lack of knowledge about the disorders of society, they are easily trapped in deviation. Therefore, parents must have reasonable control over their children’s freedoms.

Of course, they should not be enclosed in such a way that even at a young age, they are dependent on their parents and cannot stand on their own two feet, or sometimes become completely obedient and misguided people who are rooted in latent mental disorders. These restrictions are even more harmful to girls. Because in the future, he has entered the family community and he must raise his children and be responsible for the peace and health of the family center.

 Expressing parents’ interest in their children 


The role of love and freedom of the child in raising a child

In principle, the expression of love and affection by parents towards children is very effective in their peace of mind and their avoidance of undesirable behaviors. But this expression of love and affection in children who grow up in a balanced way and do not have any particular problems is different from a child who needs treatment due to psychological complications or has many undesirable behaviors.

A child who is normally in any kind of emotional complexity and has less need to feel and gain love, excessive love will have the opposite effect on him and will make him expect and lust.

But in a child who suffers from a lack of love complex and gradually feels himself away from strange people, more love, but not too much and unbalanced, will have a good effect and by eliminating the complexes, it will be effective in his mental health. Although it could not eliminate the complications, it was at least effective in relieving the pain caused by the complications.

Parents’ behavior in the face of children’s mistakes

Regardless of the fact that children, like other human beings, make mistakes, they are just as sensitive and impactful as photography. Therefore, if the parents see violations such as petty and mischievous thefts and other abuse and lies in the child, they should not take it too seriously and make it look very ugly and convince the child with all their being that this ugly thing has happened to him, but They should see it as a mistake and unintentional mistake of the child and try to find the root of these mistakes in the child’s behavior and avoid violent behavior in the face of every small mistake that happens to the child.

Because perhaps in appearance, some violations can be prevented by creating desire and panic for a short time, but in the interior, creating panic makes the root of violations stronger and the result is that the wrongdoing is done in secret with more craving and intensity. Accept.

A child should never be called a rebel, a thief, or a liar, because children are very sensitive, and it is possible for them to have the illusion that they are really thieves and liars, so they will expect the same from themselves.

Pay attention to children’s mental health

Due to the pressures of life and meeting the present and future material needs of the family, in addition to ignoring their mental and physical condition, recreation, and relaxation, parents also neglect their children.

Every young child, like adults and even more than them, needs to walk, play and have fun because most of the child’s psychological problems are solved through play and fun. In addition, it is better to realize the lack and possibly psychological complexes of the child through games, walks and entertainment, and to try to eliminate and correct them.

Traveling and having fun is a spiritual need for the child, and parents should not ignore this spiritual need of their child and ignore it. It is very useful for parents to hold their child’s hand and go to the nearest clean or safe area where the child can play and socialize with peers and friends.

Therefore, the lack of financial means and facilities can not justify our excuse in analyzing and making excuses about this important matter. For this reason, it is better for school officials to sometimes organize group and scientific tour programs for children, so that in addition to raising the scientific and educational level, effective steps can be taken to meet their educational needs.

The future and destiny of the child

The moment of dealing with the child plays an important role in his destiny and creation in life.

So instead of treating the child in such a way that the day we think about correcting it, it is in the best interest of ourselves and our children from the very beginning to make the child’s environment conducive so that the child walks in the right direction of life and moves forward.

Foster a sense of self-esteem in children

Other ways to prevent a child from committing inappropriate and undesirable things are to give the child a sense of self-confidence and self-satisfaction. By giving the child appropriate responsibilities, they can be motivated to act, or even by tasting defeat and victory and stimulating it, in this way, to create confidence and self-reliance in their activities and struggles.

Therefore, parents should not think that they should always do what their children do, decide for them, choose for them, answer even a simple greeting instead, and should allow the child to express himself even with the smallest things. Gave.

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