Do not give children your right to decide

Do not give children your right to decide

Power and leadership should always be in the hands of the parents in any case, not the children, and the right to decide with the parents.



Do not give children the right to decide

Parents should not leave their decision-making power to the child. In this case, the child will notice the weakness of the parents in his management and leadership, and in other cases, he will not listen to his parents.

The clinical psychologist said that the child carries normal and unconventional attitudes and desires. The child who says he does not like milk, in fact, this child has been able to show his strength from the very beginning of childhood, because he exploits the poor management of his parents.

He added: “Power and leadership should always be in the hands of parents in any case, not children. When a child is threatened by parents, the threat must be implemented and he was diligent in continuing it until he reached the goal.”


right to decide

Do not leave your decision to the child

He advised: “Never use corporal punishment, insults, insults, and humiliation as tools to show power, and if it goes hand in hand with management and patience, you will get your requests soon, but then the parent-child relationship must follow.” In the same powerful context, be friendly, not with a lot of resentment and hatred of the child towards his parents, and also if there is a difference between your opinion and the view of your spouse, try not to make the child aware of this issue.

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